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Unknown miscreants vandalised ‘Padmavati’ sets in Kolhapur; set abaze the property hurting animals present there.

Unfortunately, about 70-80 % of the costumes and Jewellery for the movie have been destroyed

Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Wikimedia

New Delhi, March 16, 2017: These days, India is maintaining the accounts of tragic and severe clashes between different ideologies, where each of them is proving to get a hold on another to emerge out as superior to all. This latest battleground provided to this ongoing ‘battle between ideologies’ is the entertainment sect of our society, where this battle is turning bloody and murky passing each day. The phenomenon of taking offenses from almost everything has penetrated the threshold of Bollywood and gearing up to contaminate the whole culture of ‘freedom in arts’. Yet again, the sets of “Padmavati” witnessed this vague vandalism.

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Months after director Sanjay Leela Bhansali was attacked on the sets of Padmavati in Jaipur, the film’s sets were vandalised and set on fire in Kolhapur on Tuesday night in a fresh case of vandalism. The film’s sets were attacked between 1 and 2 am on Wednesday and according to reports, animals were present on Padmavati sets at the time of the incident and a horse is said to be badly injured. None of the film’s cast or crew was there at Kolhapur’s Masai plateau on Tuesday night where the sets have been erected.

Bhansali Production issued a statement which read, “Filed a complaint against miscreants who vandalized our costume & jewelry and set it on fire Padmavati. No loss of life, no one seriously hurt on vandalized shoot of Padmavati.”

According to police, a group of about 20 people stormed the film sets bteween 1 and 2 AM on Wednesday. “Bhansali had asked police protection during the day which was provided. However, the set was not provided protection during the night,” said Mahadev Tambade, SP, Kolhapur to Indian Express.

The Shri Rajput Karni Sena in Rajasthan which earlier enacted the similar sort of vandalism over the cast and crew of Padmavati and SLB Productions has hailed the “Hindutva Organisation” behind the incident.

We salute the Hindutva organisation which vandalised the sets of the film. It was undertaken by a like minded people organisation and we have been in touch with them,” said Mahipal Singh, state president of Shri Rajput Karni Sena.

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In between all these incidents of vandalism done in the name of promoting a specific ideology, the objectivity of the state is crucially demanded, which is unfortunately could not be seen till now.

The regressive nature of these acts actually provide mileage to the offenders and shame to the victims. Despite being the victim, Bhansali and his prduction team officialy issued their apologies and clarified their stance of portraying the historical characters in the movie as accurately as described in the History. The Bhansali’s ‘Padmavati’ will be a work of fiction not the documentary, so the portrayal of the characters in the movie relies totally on the makers of the movie, which should not be hindered by any political or social group.

The trial of (political or social groups) their offenses should at least keep patience till the release of movie that is offending them.

The mileage SRKS gathered with the Bhansali incident in Jaipur inspired them to step a foot further in their vague vandalism.

On March 5, SRKS also destroyed two mirrors at the Chittorgarh fort, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, in protest against a legend associated with Padmini. According to legend, Padmini’s face was shown to Allauddin Khilji in these mirrors. “Our warnings were ignored by district administration. In script too, Shobha Sant (CEO of Bhansali Productions) had insisted on a scene where Khilji sees Rani Padmini in the mirror,” said Mahipal Singh.

The state’s silence and reticence over this issue is questionable largely as it’s encouraging the Shri Rajput Karni Sena to spread their venom more aggressively.

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The inaction of states over SRKS is adding to the misery of Bhansali camp. “Unfortunately, about 70-80 % of the costumes and Jewellery for the movie have been destroyed. Few animals who were present when they attacked are severely injured, said a spokesperson for Bhansali Productions to Indian Express.


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Karni Sena: Are They Really Worth All The Hype?

Caste-based groups like SRKS do nothing but hamper the peace of our country

Presently, the ‘Karni Sena’ is headed by Lokendra Singh. Wikimedia Commons
Presently, the ‘Karni Sena’ is headed by Lokendra Singh. Wikimedia Commons

By Ruchika Verma 

  • Karni Sena is a group made by and for the Rajputs
  • The Karni Sena is famous for protesting violently against everything which they think is disgracing the Rajputs
  • It is now high time to think if such groups really deserve all the hype that we provide them with

Till a few days ago, Karni Sena was all over the news, be it internet or television, everywhere there was the news of Karni Sena and the movie, Padmavati or the Padmaavat as was renamed later.

The movie ‘Padmavat’ and its whole caste was the victim of threats by SRKS. Wikimedia Commons
The movie ‘Padmavat’ and its whole caste was the victim of threats by SRKS. Wikimedia Commons

Karni Sena-Padmavati controversy went on for so long that now everybody knows about it, even those who neither care about politics nor Bollywood. The protest against Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s movie was so strong it took the whole nation in its stride.

The movie was postponed and faced bans in many parts of the country. The protest was very severe and serious and bring out opinions out of everyone in the country.

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Karni Sena chief, Lokendra Singh Kalvi, said that the movie portrays Rajputs in a bad light. The movie was disgracing their queen, Padmavati (which is believed to be fiction, and not reality at all) and was disrespectful to the Rajputs in general. All this without watching the movie.

Padmaavat after its release is being praised by Karni Sena as good movie which is glorifyig Rajputs. Wikimedia Commons
Padmaavat after its release is being praised by Karni Sena as a good movie which is glorifying Rajputs. Wikimedia Commons

After all the killing, nose-cutting and other kinds of threats, Karni Sena finally takes back their protest. The question arises, is Karni Sena really worth all this hype? But before that, what exactly is the origin of the Karni Sena?

Karni Sena – A brief history 

Karni Sena or the Shri Rajput Karni Sena (SRKS) is a Rajput, caste-based organisation in India. It has a history of being involved in severe violent protests throughout the years to save the ‘Rajputana grace.’

The Karni Sena chief, Lokendra Singh Kalvi, started the SRKS in 2005 as his attempt to mobilise and bring together the Rajput community in India.

The community famously demanded reservations for Rajput in the government jobs and also protested against the ‘sidelining Rajput figures’ in the textbooks. The SRKS also wanted to raise the stature of Rajput legislators in the Parliament.

Presently, the ‘Karni Sena’ is headed by Lokendra Singh. Wikimedia Commons
Presently, the ‘Karni Sena’ is headed by Lokendra Singh. Wikimedia Commons

Since then there have been some splits in the Karni Sena which has given birth to three of its fractions, each led by three different leaders.

Karni Sena – Really worth the hype or not? 

‘Padmavat’ was not the first time, SRKS protested against any film or TV show involving the Rajputs. Previously, they have protested against the Ashutosh Gowariker movie, ‘ Jodhaa Akbar’ however, they did not receive any apologies from the unapologetic film-maker.

The protest against the movie was strong and many cinema halls Rajasthan did not show the movie. The ones which did were violently vandalised by the Sena.

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A similar protest was seen against the serial, ‘Jodhaa Akbar’ by Ekta Kapoor. The reason was same, defamation of the Rajputs.

Throughout the years, SRKS has done nothing but indulged in irrational demands and protests. It is nothing more than an anti-social element in the Indian society. Where people are trying to rise above caste and reservations, groups like these are doing nothing but hindering the path towards social equality.

Karni Sena has protested against the serial 'Jodha Akbar' as well in the past. Wikimedia Commons
Karni Sena has protested against the serial ‘Jodha Akbar’ as well in the past. Wikimedia Commons

Groups like these perform protests and issues threats for the sole reason of seeking publicity and attention. But, do we really need to give attention to these groups when there are more pressing matters that we as a country need to pay attention to?

Indians and Indian media need to start paying attention to the issues which really matters. Caste-based groups like SRKS do nothing but hamper the peace of our country. It is now high time that we stop reacting and start thinking if they really deserve all the hype that they get.