Urdu varsity students condemn Paris attack


Hyderabad: Students of Maulana Azad National Urdu University here took out a candle march on Monday to express their anguish over the killing of innocent people in the Paris attack.

The students, strongly condemning the terrorist attacks, said, perpetrators of such heinous acts do not belong to any religion.

The students were carrying placards which read, “stop killing innocents”, “all lives matter”.


we pray for peace from Paris to Palestine.


They also condemned selective outrage shown by the media and for ignoring the killing of innocent lives in various countries like Palestine, Syria, Iraq, and Myanmar.

One of the students said world leaders should stop being selective in expressing anger over the killing of innocent people.

They should condemn terrorism and violence wherever it is taking place, he said.

“Terrorists have no religion but, unfortunately, we live in times where people kill in the name of religion,” said student leader Mohammed Aqib Nazar.


(Inputs from IANS)

(Picture Courtesy: www.reuters.com)