Vyapam Scam: Digvijaya submitted forged spreadsheet, says High Court



By NewsGram Staff Writer

The Madhya Pradesh High Court today found out that the spreadsheet submitted as an evidence in Vyapam scam was a forged one.

The spreadsheet was furnished by Congress leader, Digvijaya Singh, who had accused Madhya Pradesh’s Chief Minister, Shivraj Singh Chauhan, of direct participation in the scam.

The Madhya Pradesh High Court, which is supervising the investigation into the scam that is centered on government officers allegedly taking bribes from job-seekers, found out that the excel sheets were forged.

Digvijaya Singh had also alleged that the police, instead of carrying out a fair investigation, is protecting the CM, who is now serving his third term in the state. Therefore, since 2011, the police investigation has come into scrutiny of the high court.

In February, Singh and another congress leader, Jyotiraditya Scindia , demanded for CBI to take over the case as the police had ruined or tampered the evidences in the case that clearly indicted Chauhan. They also said that an excel spreadsheet found on a computer hard-drive had been altered to delete references of the CM as one of the recommending candidates.

However, the police told the court that the document, a pen drive with a copy of spreadsheet, purveyed by person portrayed by Congress as a whistle-blower, are inauthentic.

  • Hope we will be able to see the complete unmasking of people like Digvijay Singh and Jyotiraditya Scindia who have done precious little for people when in power but are bent upon defaming performing CMs like Shivraj Singh Chauhan. Notice how J Scindia has been entirely silent on the Lalit Modi issue.

  • Nagesh Sonde

    I am sorry that BJP is confused and has lost its courage. Even Subramanyam is silent . Why ? Why do they not file a contempt case against Digvijay and Scindia ! Only then will such unfounded allegation will stop.

    • Lalit Nagrath

      Subramanium is on Asaram case. when case is in HC why will any speak anything’? it is stupid congressmen and pressitutes trying a hit job.