Walk of Pride: Along with 100 other villages, Koverapalem Village of Andhra Pradesh is also Free from Open Defecation

Similar projects are already underway in 250 more villages in Andhra Pradesh to free the state from defecation

Defecation in India. Image source: www.m1key.me
  • Koverapalem became one of the 100 villages to get toilets for all residents, effectively called defecation free
  • Chief Guest Mr. Jawahar Reddy thanked locals for showing active participation in this project
  • Collector Janaki mentioned that inspired by the residents of this village, 250 other villages were already undergoing similar projects

When India is losing its war on defecation, Koverapalem village in Nellore, Andhra Pradesh becomes an example of how the locals of the village felt accountable to counter the issue. Koverapalem village became one of the 100 villages and habitations in the district that had got toilets for all their residents under the Atma Gouravam and the Swachh Bharat programs.

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Panchayat Raj Principal Secretary Jawahar Reddy and District Collector for Nellore, M. Janaki accompanied by a host of officials participated in the Walk of Pride event. Residents of Koverapalem village joined the Panchayat which took place on Tuesday, June 14, in TP Gudur Mandal limit. This move was also widely appreciated by the youth and students, who raised slogans and held placards in support of the development activities in the village, said the Hindu report.

Walk of Pride event. Image courtesy: The Hindu

According the report in Hindu, Mr. Jawahar Reddy had appeared as the chief guest for the celebratory event. He said that more than the support of the officials and the government, it was the active participation of the locals that helped achieve this prestigious status. He urged residents of other villages to follow in their footsteps for similar advancements in their homes.

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Reiterating what the chief guest said, Collector Janaki enthusiastically stated that this day would provide inspiration for other villages, and that similar projects were already underway in 250 other villages in the district.

-written by Saurabh Bodas, an intern at NewsGram. Twitter Handle: @saurabhbodas96


  • AJ Krish

    When people unite for a cause,miracles happen. Its really something to be proud about! Well done, people of Koverapalem village!

  • Paras Vashisth

    Defecation is very huge problem in India.And this small step by koverapalem people will bring a great result after sometime.

  • Vrushali Mahajan

    Sanitation has always been a problem in India. When people from a small village can do it, there are many such villages to be inspired and to achieve what people of Koverapalem have done.