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What’s Wrong with Indian Government? Ask Animal Lovers

People all over the world are asking what is wrong with the Indian government on account of ruthless culling of animals

Animal cruelty is widely condemned all over the world. Image courtesy: Wikimedia commons
  • 1.5 million people over the world are outraged at the fact that protected animals are killed as vermin by the Indian government
  • About 100 NGOs have urged Union Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar to stop unscientific killings of animals
  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that conservation of nature should not be a drag on development

NEW DELHI: Notwithstanding Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s call for conservation and to project India’s eco-sensitive stance, the government’s call for culling of “vermin” animals has caused a blot on its image abroad, with over 1.5 million people asking ‘what’s wrong with the Indian government’.

“It is distressing to learn that protected animals are being killed and treated as vermin. When laws are disrespected it does damage to the image of any country as one is committed to the rule of law and to protection of species,” Kathy Hessler, Clinical Professor of Law and Animal Law Clinic Director at Lewis and Clark Law School, told IANS. The institute is one of the only centres in the world that teaches animal law.

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About 100 NGOs under Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisation have urged Union Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar to stop unscientific and indiscriminate culling of wild species declared as ‘vermin’.

The Indian government has admitted to culling Nilgai, an antelope species, wild boar, and monkeys (rhesus macaque) on the specific request of state governments after terming them “vermin”. The debate has now reached the Supreme Court, which will hear a plea challenging three government notifications that declared these species as vermin.

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Prime Minister Modi, addressing the ‘Third Asian Ministerial Conference on Tiger Conservation’ in April this year, had said that “conservation of nature should not be a drag on development and can happen in a mutually complementary manner”.

Though India’s own Wildlife Protection Act-1972 is considered one of the best and inspiring laws in the world, the reports of culling of 250 Nilgai in Bihar, and plans to kill other species, and the Union Environment Minister supporting the move, has shocked international institutes.

Hessler says the Indian government should seriously explore alternatives.

“We also recognize that human-animal conflicts cause real damage, but it needs to be prevented and managed better with the interests of all in mind,” she added.

About 100 NGOs under Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisation have urged Prakash Javadekar to stop unscientific and indiscriminate culling of wild species. Image courtesy: Economic Times

Javadekar has said there are laws that support culling. But experts disagree.

“Under section 62 of the Wildlife Protection Act, certain animals could be declared vermin. But it never says that killing is to be the first solution. In the case of Nilgai, it seems that the government is not interested in exploring other options, which are easy and require no killing,” Nikunj Sharma of PETA told IANS.

He adds that ever since the debate on culling has arisen, India’s image abroad as a society that has always respected conservation and valued the environment has taken a beating.

“We have been receiving reactions from across the globe. There have been some 15 lakh reactions on our webpage alone. People are asking what is wrong with the Indian government,” he said.

According to Hessler, India needs to educate its public about the value of animals and the need for peaceful mutual coexistence for better functioning of the ecosystem.

Stating that Nilgai and wild boar are part of protected species in India, she said that culling of these animals is proof that laws need to be strengthened.

Kartick Satyanarayan of Wildlife SOS, who is working with ecologists in Alaska on bear conservation, also says that the news of culling of Nilgai has hurt India’s reputation.

“The Wildlife Protection Act, 1972 is a visionary law. There are case studies on it. Students across the world come here to learn about conservation and people admire India for its pro-wildlife image. But the culling and consideration for more animals to be declared vermin has damaged our reputation,” Kartick told IANS.

-by Saurabh Bodas, an intern at NewsGram. Twitter Handle: @saurabhbodas96



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Check out Instagram Profiles of Paw-some Indian Celebrity Pets!

As much as we would like to know about our favorite celebrities, it is their four-legged best friends that equally catch our attention!

celebrity pets
Have you seen Priyanka Chopra's four-legged best friend Diana? Instagram

Mumbai, October 19, 2017: My Instagram feed is perpetually filled with pictures and videos of cute animals.

A baby goat sipping milk for a bottle with a feeder. A small puppy wearing a bow-tie. And a tiger who jumps into his trainer’s arms for a hug. For a lot of us, a major part of our time online is spent looking at pictures of baby goats, puppies, elephants and almost all other animals. Their cute antics warm our hearts and bring a smile on our face.

Saying that we all religiously follow our favorite stars on Instagram will be an understatement. Correct me if I am wrong, but fans know when was the last time Priyanka Chopra left her comfy Mumbai apartment for a coffee stroll, or what did Sushant Singh Rajput wear for his meeting.

Now, what happens when these two combine?

Our favorite celebrities and their pets? Sounds like heaven to me!

If you are a regular Instagram user, you would know of the hashtag – Dogs of Instagram.

As much as we would like to know about our favorite celebrities, it is their four-legged best friends that equally catch our attention! Many celebrity pets have their own Instagram accounts that you must follow if you aren’t already. Check out our list!

 1. Tia

Instagram handle: tia_thetzu

Tia is a super cute Shih Tzu puppy living the diva life in Mumbai with her darling ‘mummy’ actor Sophie Choudry and ‘granny’ Yasmin.

celebrity pets
Tia with her family. Instagram

One look at this little one’s Instagram account and you are sure to start judging your own profile.

celebrity pets
Tia, the Shih Tzu. Instagram


Tia can be seen accompanying mama Sophie to the groomer’s, at the airport, for pilates, and almost everywhere else!

Oh, did we tell you that Tia has also featured as the cover girl on one of India’s leading dog magazines?

This self-proclaimed ‘mama’s girl’ has swanky birthday parties, car rides and is a favorite with the paparazzi!

Complete with her cute shoes and bows in almost all colors, Tia makes for our favorite celebrity pets!



 2. Batuk Nath Rai

Instagram handle: batuknathrai

Don’t go by that name; Batuk, as he is fondly called by his over 31 thousand Instagram followers is a naughty beagle and a spoilt kid.

celebrity pets
Batuk Nath Rai is a beautiful Beagle. Instagram

Living the thug life with his parents, television-actors Kishwer Merchant and Suyyash Rai, Batuk Nath has the most beautiful pictures!

celebrity pets
Batuk with his parents. Instagram


The four-legged pooch is frequently visited by actors from the Indian television industry and the chap has a picture with almost all of them on his social media.

Batuk scan be seen sleeping with dear mumma Kishwer on the bed and nibbling on her hair ties and even headphones! But one look at his innocent eyes, and you wouldn’t even think of scolding him for his naughty errands.

Not to miss, Batuks’s small house made of white wood!


 3. Diana Chopra

Instagram handle: diariesofdiana

Who doesn’t know the heartwarming story of Priyanka Chopra and her little baby Diana, living (when together) in a swanky New York apartment?

celebrity pets
Diana lives with Priyanka Chopra in New York. Instagram

While our desi girl is winning hearts globally, Diana does not seem very desi herself.

celebrity pets
Instagram account of Diana is filled with her playful pictures and videos. Instagram


On her Instagram account, Diana can be seen chilling in a comfortable shark-shaped bed with food and water and a pink towel surround her sides.

There is also a video of a gruesome fight between Diana and a chew toy. Of course, our not-do-desi Diana won!

Diana, like her name suggest, lives a royal life with the cameras giving her equal attention, every time she accompanies mom Priyanka Chopra.


With her pink collar and cute antics, Diana is on top of our cutest celebrity pets’ list!


 4. Monster Kundra

Instagram handle: monsterkundra

Monsty, as he is fondly called, is a fluff-ball in white and hints of brown!

This cute little ball of cotton is not much into pictures, but boy, his videos! Monster’s Instagram account has a lot of videos that will be hard to put down!

celebrity pets
Monster looks like a ball of cotton. Instagram

Moster is a spoilt son to dad Karan Kundra and mom Anusha Dandekar and features on their Instagram and Snapchat accounts too!

Cute Monster doesn’t look much of a brat to us, however his dad Karan thinks otherwise. Either way, Monster makes it to our best celebrity pets’ list for his adorable, hard to ignore self!


 5. Masti

Instagram handle: sakpataudi

Masti is Soha Ali Khan and Kunal Kemmu’s Beagle. While the little star does not have an Instagram account of her own, she blesses mom Soha’s Instagram account quite frequently.

celebrity pets
Masti with mom Soha Ali Khan. Instagram

Contrary to all other celebrity pets, Masti seems a calm and composed star child.

celebrity pets
Masti with her newspaper. Instagram



You will find her sitting comfortable on Soha’s lap, looking into her eyes with true love and nothing else.

Did we tell you that Masti seems like a very smart and avid reader? You will find multiple images of one of our favorite celebrity pets sitting with a newspaper, lost in thoughts.



Our personal favorite, and the one picture that broke the internet has Masti sitting with mom Soha and little Taimur Ali Khan! Ah, so much cuteness in one frame!

celebrite pets
Masti with Taimur. Instagram

Masti resembles her mother Soha and her royal demeanor; she is composed, very well behaved and royalty-like! All these trains make her one of our favorite celebrity pets!

– Prepared by Soha Kala, Twitter: SohaKala