Friday April 27, 2018

Zika Virus News: Google Assigns Engineers To Map Disease Future Path

Zika virus

Google is providing support to combat Zika in Brazil and around the world. The company’s philanthropic organization, announced plans to help and team up with UNICEF and other organizations to fight the disease that’s rapidly spreading across the U.S. and other countries. “A volunteer team of Google engineers, designers, and data scientists is helping UNICEF build…

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Microsoft to Replace ‘Pistol’ Emoji After Google And Facebook

After Google and Facebook, Microsoft to replace 'pistol' emoji

The logo of Microsoft
Microsoft Logo. Pixabay

After Google and Facebook replaced the ‘pistol’ emoji with a ‘water gun’ emoji, Microsoft on Thursday tweeted that it is planning to do the same.

“We are in the process of evolving our emojis to reflect our values and the feedback we’ve received,” Microsoft tweeted alongside a “water gun” emoji.

Microsoft's building.
The office building of Microsoft. Pixabay

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In a bid to fight the prevailing gun culture, WhatsApp, Samsung and Twitter replaced the ‘pistol emoji’ following Apple which launched a “water gun” emoji in its “iOS 10” update.

However, it is not yet clear exactly when Microsoft will implement this change in Windows 10.  IANS

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