10 Interesting Facts About Sky Lanterns

Sky Lanterns
Sky Lanterns are considered auspicious for luck and growth.Pixabay.
  • Flying lanterns have been around since the millenium and were used for different purposes.
  • Lately, the Chinese sky lanterns have been used widely to celebrate memories ranging from festive occasions to intimate get togethers.

You must aware yourself with these facts about Sky Lanterns regarding their history, advantages, and drawbacks on the mankind

  1. Historians believe that the Eastern Han Dynasty saw the initial making of the traditional lanterns as a source of light.

2. Sky lanterns are known by several different names including Chinese lanterns, flying lanterns, Floating Lanterns and Paper Hanging Lanterns. They are named on the basis of their suitable place of usage.

3. Sky lanterns are 100% biodegradable. The fuel cell burns and drifts the lantern above that ensures no wastage. After it is exposed to the elements it will decompose sand leaving no trace of it.

4. There is environmentally friendly sky lantern available. The eco lantern works alike the other lanterns except for the fuel cell which is already attached and it contains no wire. Such kind of lanterns prevents any accidental injury to animals and it degrades in a couple of weeks much faster than traditional lanterns. 

Sky Lanterns
Paper Hanging Lanterns come in varied shapes and colours. Pixabay.

5. Sky lanterns come in varied shades of bright colors. Paper is utilised in making Paper Hanging Lanterns. Use different mixing colours to give it a try on every occasion.

6. There are even different shapes and sizes that sky lanterns pop in. You can purchase cylindrical Paper Hanging Lanterns , large flying lanterns and even a mega cube flying lantern to make the sky shining with stars around.

7. Chinese lanterns are secure for usage and do not harm anyone. Always ensure to provide supervision for children while launching the sky lanterns.

8. They have been the reason of UFO sightings. When the Chinese lanterns take to the sky they emit a warm glow seen from kilometers away. These have been disregarded as UFO a lot of times. 

Sky Lanterns
This festive season uses these biodegradable Sky Lanterns. Pixabay.

9. Chinese Floating lanterns were initially utilized for the purpose of sending signals of troop during warfare. They emerged to be taken up by us as a medium to send prayers to the Almighty along with celebrations.

10. Sky lanterns are quintessential for any occasion. Today these are used in weddings, birthdays, celebration parties or for casual fun. Sky lantern use is confined only by your imagination.

-Prepared by Bhavana Rathi of NewsGram. Twitter @tweet_bhavana


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