11,398 people died in road accidents due to potholes, speed breakers, humps in 2014


By NewsGram Staff-Writer

New Delhi: The government has recorded that more than 11,000 people have died last year in road accidents due to potholes, humps, and speed-breakers.

Photo Credit: www.dnaindia.com
Photo Credit: www.dnaindia.com

According to the Road Accident Report (2014) published by the road transport and highways ministry, 11,398 people have died in 2014 due to humps, badly designed speed-breakers, and potholes. Uttar Pradesh topped the list with 4,455 deaths in such accidents.

The potholes had caused a total of 11,106 crashes that resulted in the deaths of 3,039 people. Similarly, the crashes due to speed-breakers and humps were 11,008 and 13,449, respectively. The deaths in those crashes were 3,633 and 4,726, respectively.

Another 4,100 people died in crashes that happened on roads under repair or roads under construction.

Madhya Pradesh registered 915 deaths due to bad road conditions, whereas Karnataka and Bihar registered 970 and 867 fatalities, respectively. Odisha, Jharkhand, West Bengal, and Tamil Nadu registered 569, 478, 375, and 636 deaths, respectively.

Maharashtra registered 592 deaths, out of which 224 died due to crashes on roads under repair or under construction and the rest due to potholes, speed-breakers, and humps.

Poor maintenance that results in potholes, lack of uniformity, and improperly designed speed breakers are among the major reasons.

(With inputs from Times of India)


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