Monday March 30, 2020
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15 chargesheeted in Dadri lynching case


New Delhi: After almost three months of the gruesome Dadri lynching incident, a chargesheet was finally filed naming 15 persons. Notably, a minor was also named in the chargesheet.

A mob lynched Mohammed Akhlaq on 28th September in Bisada village for allegedly eating beef in his house. Akhlaq’s son was also thrashed.

The chargesheet had no mention of beef and used the word ‘meat’.

Even the FIR did not mention the word beef.

While 19 people were accused, only 15 were named in the chargesheet. Reportedly four people will be chrgesheeted at a later date.  Police asked the Court to examine the age of the juvenile.

Vishal Rana, son of the local BJP functionary Sanjay Rana was also named in the chargesheet. He said that they were provoked and told that Akhlaq had killed a cow. Vishal and his cousin Shivam were named as the main conspirators in the incidents.

Police cited Akhlaq’s Danish’s critical condition as the reason behind the delay in filing the chargesheet.

The incident raked up a lot of controversy and tension in the country.

It also triggered the ‘intolerance’ debate and the ‘award wapasi’ movement.

The government’s inaction drew a lot of flak from various quarters. The issue was politicized by all the political parties and many controversial statements were given subsequently.

The issue was politicized by all the political parties and many controversial statements were given subsequently.

Many Indian states enforced a ban on the consumption of beef fuelling further controversies.

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Dadri lynching: ‘Government is prepared for CBI investigation’


New Delhi: Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Tuesday said anyone seeking to disturb communal amity will not be spared and that the government was prepared for a CBI probe into the lynching of a Muslim man in Dadri so that the truth comes out.

Replying to a debate in the Lok Sabha on intolerance, Rajnath Singh said the allegations against the government over intolerance started with the lynching.

He said the preliminary report of the Uttar Pradesh government did not mention communalism, beef, or any planned murder.

He said the initial investigation by Uttar Pradesh did not reach a conclusion and the matter can be handed over to the Central Bureau of Investigation if the state government wanted it.

The central government is prepared (for a CBI probe) so that the truth comes out,

As Rajnath Singh talked about differences between Islamic sects in countries such as Iraq and Bahrain, opposition members protested and asked him to focus on the situation in India and controversial remarks of some ministers.

He said, “India is, was, and will be tolerant“, and the subject of the debate was “dangerous and self-destroying“.

Rejecting charges of intolerance hurled at the government, he said the BJP and Prime Minister Modi were the worst victims of intolerance in politics.

The country will decide who is intolerant. As far as the government is concerned, we will not allow intolerance in any circumstances,

He reached out to the opposition and promised that mistakes, if any, would be rectified by the government.

If anybody tries to disturb communal amity, he will not be spared,

The home minister said he was prepared to meet the intellectuals who have returned awards. “Let’s talk,” he said, adding that the government was willing to take any step towards harmony and correct mistakes if any.

Rajnath Singh said an attempt was made to defame the Modi government by returning literary and other awards.

(Inputs from IANS)

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