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HUH Token has begun its vesting process.

1inch Network is suffering from the same problem as all cryptocurrencies at the moment, a vast majority of cryptocurrencies have become bearish or appear that way for now. This has resulted in massive decreases in price and 1inch Network is no exception.

HUH Token is a newcomer to the market and hopes to defy the ongoing trend and encourage bullish behaviour. It aims to achieve this through its beneficial features for holders and the ability to create additional income the longer the token is held. This could be the encouraging factor that buyers need to begin purchasing once more.

1inch Network is the crypto project that created the 1inch app. The one 1inch app is the popular decentralised exchange, otherwise referred to as a DEX. Recently, the 1inch Network has proclaimed that it has a $175 million from their Series B funding round. This is an impressive increase from the $70 million that they had announced three months ago. Their target expanded after they hit the $70 million barrier and they have now achieved their new target.

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In order to achieve the funding that they required, 1inch sold its tokens at a discounted rate. It was quite a significant discount, the token was trading for approximately $3.60 and during the round, the price was $1.50. The idea behind the reduction in price was to reward those who were visionaries and believed in the future of the 1inch Network.

HUH Token has begun its vesting process and those involved in the presale will be receiving their HUH Tokens over the coming weeks. For those unfamiliar, vesting is a process whereby individuals receive their tokens over a period of time. The tokens become locked and then are released throughout the agreed time.

HUH Token The tokens become locked and then are released throughout the agreed time.

Vesting is often done in order to ensure the longevity of a project. Often after presales or after ICOs a lot of people will immediately sell their tokens, causing a massive reduction in market price. Therefore, vesting is a pre-emptive option to stop this from happening. The project cannot develop over time if buyers plummet the price on the first day.

This will benefit HUH Token and the community surrounding them, they are focused on producing a community that will grow as their token does. This would not be possible if everyone could crash their price on the first day. HUH Token has the aim to create generational wealth for all of its holders and has claimed that it is here for the long haul, not an attempt to make a quick profit. This vesting process is evidence of that.

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In addition to vesting, they also have provided $1 million in liquidity that is locked in for two years. This would only be done if the creators believed in the project, those who make cryptocurrencies are not forced to lock their liquidity. It is a sign that those who purchase can have confidence that the token aims to continue developing and providing advantages for those who follow their project.

The crypto market is a wonderful place for many and can be cruel to those who have unfortunate timing. However, the market normally recovers, and those with long-term aims typically come out ahead.

With this in mind, projects such as 1inch Network and HUH Token have shared their news indicating their long-term goals. Joining them sooner rather than later will stop many from looking back in a year wondering why they aren’t among those who have benefitted from the projects.

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