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210-Feet Demon King Ravana to be Burnt in Flames this Dussehra in Barara town, Haryana

Club owner Tanveer Jafari said the effigy was prepared by Muslim workers from Uttar Pradesh

An effigy of Ravana to be burnt on Dussehra. Source: wikimedia

Haryana, October 6, 2016: The famous Sri Ramlila Club of the Barara town, which has been breaking its own records every year of making the tallest Ravana effigy every Dussehra has come up this year with a 210-feet tall dummy of the demon King.

 The effigy will go up in flames on Dussehra in Barara on October 11. They have been raising the height of the Ravana effigy every year since the past few years and they have also entered the Limca Book of World Records five times, club owner Tanveer Jafari said.


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Adding more feathers to their cap, Jafari said the effigy was prepared by Muslim workers from Uttar Pradesh.

“Paper, iron pipes, bamboos brought from Assam and clothes weighing over 5,000 kg have been used to prepare the Ravana effigy this time. The sword held by Ravana is around 50 feet in length,” he said.

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The club owner also mentioned that eco-friendly firecrackers were used in the effigy.

Tajinder Singh Rana, president of Sri Ramlila Club, said a five-day cultural function will be organised in the run up to the Dussehra festival. (PTI)

  • Antara

    210 feet is quite a stunning height for the demon king figure!!

  • Diksha Arya

    This Dussehra let’s burn the evil inside us.. along with this gigantic Ravana

  • Aakash Mandyal

    thats facinating…..but what about Pollution it will contribute?????

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India pledges 1.25 million USD to UN relief agency for Palestinian Refugees, due to their vulnerable condition and ongoing conflicts in Middle East

A Palestinian refugee. Wikimedia.

New Delhi, Dec 7, 2016: As India stated its concern for the Palestinian refugees today, it pledged 1.25 million USD to the UN relief agency for the Palestinian refugees for the vulnerable condition and the ongoing conflicts in the Middle East which is resulting in the rise in refugees.

According to PTI, a total of 20 contributors aired their donations or their intentions to do the same to the 2017 budget of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for the Palestine Refugees in the Near East. India pledged an annual contribution of 1.25 million to the agency.

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Mahesh Kumar, the First Secretary in India’s Permanent Mission to the UN said that regrettably a harmonious solution to the Palestine issue has not been figured out yet and in turn, the expectations of the refugees to live a normal life is not achieved.

He also said that “The current fragile situation and the ongoing conflicts in the Middle East region have compounded the problem of refugees,” mentioned PTI.

Kumar also stated that while providing the much-needed assistance to Palestinian refugees, the UNRWA is facing unpredicted financial and operational challenges.

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The UNRWA has been supplying health, education, relief and social services and emergency assistance to around 5.3 million Palestinian refugees across its five areas of operations, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, the West Bank and the Gaza strip for the past 65 years.

In September, UNRWA reported a void in the funding of USD 74 million, which is jeopardising its ability to finance vital operations at the end of 2016 and after an emergency cry, the UN member nations contributed which reduced the funding gap to USD 37 million.

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