31 militants killed in Afghanistan air-strikes

epa00191814 (Files) A photo dated 14 December 2003 shows Pakistan's F-16 Falcon performing during an air show in Islamabad. Pakistan is reconciled to not receiving additional US F-16 combat jets and is examining other options to address what it terms "the regional imbalance in the skies", the country's air Chief Kaleem Sadaat has said, media reported on Saturday 15 May 2004. Among the alternatives the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) is examining are the French Mirage 2000-9, the Chinese J-10 and the Swedish AJ-39 Grippen, Sadaat added. EPA/OLIVIER MATTHYS

Kabul: At least 31 Taliban militants, including a key commander, were killed and 30 others injured as military aircraft pounded militants’ hideouts in Afghanistan’s Helmand province on Sunday, an army spokesman said.


“Afghan air force backed by the NATO-led resolute support mission launched series of air-strikes against Taliban hideouts in Musa Kala district. As a result, 31 rebels, including a key commander Mullah Zarqawi, were killed and 30 were injured,” Xinhua quoted Brig Mohammad Rasoul Zazai as saying. The air-strikes took place amid Taliban preparations to capture Musa Kala district. Taliban militants have infiltrated Musa Kala district over the past several months and were poised to launch a major offensive to capture the south Afghan district.



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