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4 Benefits of a Dual Fuel HVAC System

  • HVAC System is very important for your house
  • It is crucial in maintaining your house’s temperature
  • It also has many advantages which make it efficient and cost-effective

Your HVAC system plays a crucial role in controlling the temperature of your house. The dual fuel HVAC system is a combination of two different energy sources, the furnace and the heat pump. There are many benefits to having a dual HVAC system when compared to a traditional HVAC source.

Air Conditioner, Global Warming, Summer
HVAC is crucial in maintaining a room’s temperature. Pixabay

Higher Efficiency
One of the most important advantages of a dual HVAC system is the ability to achieve higher efficiency. Because you are using two different energy sources, you get the advantage of using each system at its highest efficiency. The advanced system monitors the temperature inside and outside the house. It switches over to the appropriate source as needed. When exterior temperatures drop down to a set degree, the dual HVAC system switches to the heat source with the highest level of efficiency. An authorized Trane dealer knows these advantages.

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When temperatures increase in the summer, the dual system works in a unique and efficient way to effectively cool the house. Instead of pumping cold air into the house like a traditional cooling system does, it funnels the warm air out of the house. This system has the ability to achieve a comfortable summer temperature, despite the low air usage. The automatic ability to switch between controls achieves an overall higher level of efficiency for both heat and air use.

Cost Effective

With greater efficiency comes cost effectiveness. The dual fuel HVAC system is one of the most efficient heat sources currently on the market, meaning it is also one of the most cost-effective products for heating and cooling. For heat, the electrical pump is primarily used, keeping the household gas bills low. The dual HVAC system also eliminates the need for two units, keeping installation and maintenance bills low and potentially increasing the resale value of your house.

Commercial Air Conditioning
HVAC is a good investment. Pixabay

Although there is the initial cost of the installation to consider, many homeowners are able to significantly decrease the cost of their monthly utilities. After many years of increased energy efficiency in heating and cooling, the cost is a good investment.

Quieter Heat Source

The dual HVAC system features an advanced SilentComfort™ technology. This removes the noise common to the traditional furnace. The dual system has two different speed settings. Most households only require the lowest speed setting to comfortably cool or heat, thus producing the least amount of sound possible. Additionally, the two settings use a gradual movement to switch between settings. This removes the noise of the furnace abruptly jumping on, which is familiar to many homeowners with the traditional furnace heaters. The entire system is enclosed in a sound absorbing enclosure, thus bringing the sound to an absolute minimum.

The hybrid dual HVAC system is an energy efficient heating and cooling option for homeowners. With a dual HVAC system, you benefit from higher efficiency, reduced monthly utility bills, and a quieter heat source. Make sure you are working with a trusted HVAC contractor for all of your dual HVAC installation and maintenance needs.



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