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4 Differences Between Espresso And Coffee Beans

We're all somewhat aware of the difference between espresso and coffee. The fact there are two different words for those should be a dead giveaway.

We’re all somewhat aware of the difference between espresso and coffee. The fact there are two different words for those should be a dead giveaway. However, do any of us truly know why it is different?

Sure, regular coffee drinkers can spot the difference in taste instantly, but do we know the source of it? Let’s see who wins in this fight between espresso beans vs coffee beans!

1. The Origin

In reality, coffee and espresso originate from the same place. It’s their similarity that makes way for the difference.

Often, people commit the mistake of assuming the beans for coffee and espresso are different. The presumption is based on the fact that the texture, taste and caffeine content is different for both. While this is true, coffee and espresso are both part of coffee beans.

The key dissimilarity between them isn’t a result of the beans, but the process involved.

Commercially, coffee beans can be categorized into two kinds. Robusta beans have been previously compared to oatmeals. This is because of the nutty flavor them emanate when roasted. Alternatively, raw Robusta beans give off a peanut like fragrance. Robusta is the typical harvest.

Arabica is a bit rare on the produce and costs more because of the difficulty in cultivation. The taste and texture of Arabica come in a variety of shades. The flavor can range from tangy to a sweet brew.

Roasted Arabica beans have a floral aroma and a sweet taste compared to Robusta. The fruit and sugar mix found in it is higher. Before roasting, Arabica’s smell reminds one of the blueberries.

Espresso has nothing to do with the beans used to make a cup of coffee. In reality, it is the name of the drink. Robusta and Arabica are both used to create an espresso.

2. The Process

Even the most ignorant ones have some idea of the various processes that are employed to present a fresh brew. There are different styles like the percolator or french press or the regular of the mill drip coffee. None of it is hard to create in the security of one’s home.

Once upon a time, homemade espressos were a myth or a luxury of the rich. One simply didn’t try it for the cost of the machine. However, the value of the machinery has been getting cheaper day by day.

The espresso maker is a significant factor in the process of making espresso. The actual taste of espresso cannot be achieved if one were to rely on a french press only. There is a requirement for high pressure when heating the water- something only the espresso machine can provide.

The espresso machine also comes with separate grinders. The regular blender doesn’t have the mechanism to achieve the fine grind needed for espresso. Of course, all of this comes with exceptions. There are ways to make espresso without the machine, but the time spent on it just isn’t worth it.

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Regular coffee drinkers can spot the difference in taste instantly.

3. The Caffeine Content

It is generally concluded that espresso has a higher caffeine content. In reality, it depends on how much of the drink you consume. If you take a regular cup of drip coffee, you’re likely to consume more caffeine than a shot of the delicious espresso.

The source of confusion could be contributed to the factor that per ounce of espresso has higher caffeine concentration. If you compare between a cup of coffee and a shot of espresso though, you will find espresso has less caffeine.

Of course, things take a completely different turn if you’re an espresso addict. You might end up having way higher than the average 5 shot one would recommend in a day.

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4. The Taste

This is where the difference truly becomes apparent. Try having a cup of coffee and espresso one after another, and you will note the evident disparity in taste.

Espresso’s taste is thought to be way apparent than coffees. It presents the full flavor of the coffee with a definite roast, rounded experience. A lot of espresso lovers believe the paper filter saps out the taste from drip coffee, which is why we can see a clear difference in case of espresso.

This 4 clear difference should help you determine the kind of drink you want to become part of the daily routine. If you’re going to enjoy your time sipping from a full cup with a sweet flavor and more extensive option in the caffeine department, go with coffee.

If you experience a prominent taste of the coffee that will stay for a long time, enjoy a shot of espresso.

Alternatively, you can simply opt for both. You can always mix your espresso to your coffee and warm up amidst the cold air of the winter. The result depends on your personal preference.



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