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43-Year-Old NRI Woman from Gujarat is all set to get a Place in Guinness Book of World Records for her Solo Car Journey of 32,000 km

This journey of the NRI woman will also be recorded by the Guinness Book of World Records

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November 28, 2016: An NRI woman from Gujarat’s Navsari district completed her solo car journey successfully and that too of 32,000 kilometres from the United Kingdom to India. She reached India at the Moreh Check post in Manipur on November 8.

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The 43-year old woman, Bharulata Kamble has expressed a desire to set up a healthcare facility in her native town. Kamble on Sunday made this announcement at her felicitation programme held in her native town Navsari which was organised by the local civic body.
Before coming down to Navsari, she had made a halt at Vadodara, she was felicitated at Mayfair Atrium art gallery.

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According to PTI, “During her journey, she traversed across 32 countries in 57 days from the United Kingdom to India to spread the message of Save girls, Educate girls.”
On the occasion, Kamble said, “through this solo drive, I connected with people in 32 countries and raised funds for setting up a healthcare facility (modern hospital) in my hometown in Navsari. I have seen my grandfather die on a hospital bed due to lack of adequate medicare in Navsari.”

She is said to be the first woman to visit the most countries in only 57 days covering a distance of over 32,000 kilometers.

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She covered the distance by driving through nine mountain ranges, three deserts and two continents. And, these include 5,500 km of mountain driving reaching an altitude of 3,700-4000 metres above sea level, and also driving through 2,500 km desert areas. This journey will also be recorded by the Guinness Book of World Records.

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‘Long Journey for India and Champagne’

Educational tools, including e-learning like the 'Champagne Campus' app, have been developed by the Comite Champagne to educate a wide audience, both in France and abroad, about the wine-growing region of Champagne the vines, winemaking process, tasting et al.

Bar, wine glasses
Glasses serve a bigger purpose than just holding liquids, say the experts at Dean Supply. Image: Dean supply

It’s been a long journey for India and champagne, going back over three centuries and in 2017, over 400,000 bottles of the bubbly were shipped to India in spite of the high taxes, says the head of a key French organisation that ensures that only the original product is served around the world.

“Champagne and India have a long story that dates back to the first shipments in the 18th century. Maharajas were the most important consumers of this new wine at that time. Since then, shipments have continued and Champagne enjoys a great recognition, which was confirmed with the registration of the Champagne appellation by India in 2008,” Vincent Perrin, Directeur General of Comite Champagne, told IANS in an email interview.

How would he describe the journey over the past decade and how have the two sides benefited?

Noting that one of the Comite Champagne’s key missions is to ensure that the name Champagne is reserved only for sparkling wines produced in the Champagne region of France to give “to our winegrowers and houses the best environment to sell their wines”, Perrin added: “To achieve this objective, education programmes and protection of the Champagne name are two levers that we continuously use.”

To this end, the registration of the Champagne appellation, which was renewed recently, “is a recognition of the reputation of Champagne wines on Indian territory. It’s also a guarantee for Indian consumers of the origins of the wines,” added Perrin, who joined the Comite Champagne in September 2014 after an extensive career in diplomacy and international business development.

Hangovers might last longer than you think
Speaking about the impact of the association on India-France relations, Perrin said Champagne has had a strong connect with India. Pixabay

Speaking about the impact of the association on India-France relations, Perrin said Champagne has had a strong connect with India “and it perhaps showcases best the French art de vivre. We hope that this relation will only grow and strengthen in the future”.

How does he foresee the roadmap for the future?

“As India emerges as a global economic power, Indians who are likely to consume luxury products should increase in the coming years and wines play a growing part in the drink sector. There is a strong potential, despite high taxes, for Champagne wines which have grown steadily over the years.

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Educational tools, including e-learning like the ‘Champagne Campus’ app, have been developed by the Comite Champagne t o educate a wide audience, both in France and abroad, about the wine-growing region of Champagne the vines, winemaking process, tasting et al. These will help more Indians approach champagne with more confidence. (IANS)