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5 months and counting: students in MCD schools go without notebooks

By NewsGram Staff Writer

Municipal-Corporation-of-Delhi-MCDAccording to a national daily report, for the last 5 months over four lakh students studying in 746 primary schools run by North MCD have been going to school without notebooks.

As per the Right to Education Act, the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) is entitled to provide each child studying in primary schools five subject notebooks and a drawing file, free of cost at the beginning of the session, that is April 1.

The RTE Act also states that it is the responsibility of the state to ensure that the students get the required material which include free books and uniforms along with the notebooks.

When asked for an explanation, the corporation said that due to the delay in the required budget, the students are not being provided with the notebooks.

“The session began in April, but the budget was delayed. We did not receive any money, so we could not pay the contractor. We are hoping to get the budget soon,” Ramesh Bansiwal, Chairman, Education Committee, North Corporation was quoted in the report.




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