5 Mysterious Temples of India and Their Mysterious Powers

There are some weird and mysterious temples of India that were built more than 2000 years back and are still believed to acquire mysterious powers. 

Mysterious Temples
Mysterious Temples in India are found in every part of the country. Wikimedia.

New Delhi, October 30, 2017 : India being a land of cultural and spiritual diversity uphold a multitude of god and goddesses and their holy shrines. Temples can be found locally everywhere in India which seems to sustain the traditions and beliefs of our diversified India. There are some weird and mysterious temples of India that were built more than 2000 years back and are still believed to acquire mysterious powers. 

The following are the unconventional and mysterious temples that uphold their traditioned mystifying powers:

Mahendipur Balaji Temple, Rajasthan

In the Dausa district of Rajasthan, the Mahendipur Balaji Temple is visited by enumorous devotees to get rid of evil spirits, and demons every day. They worship the deity by pouring boiling water on oneself, chaining themselves to walls, hanging from the ceiling and banging their heads against the walls in order to get rid of evil. This temple is known for being the only mysterious temples in India where exorcism by priests is still carried out.

Kamakhya Devi Temple, Assam

mysterious temples
Kamakhya Temple is one of the mysterious temples of India. Wikimedia.

Regarded as the most important Shakti Pitha of the Devi and one of the mysterious temples of India, Kamakhya Devi Temple, is an important pilgrimage destination for Hindus, specially for Tantric worshipers. It is situated on the Nilachal Hill in western part of Guwahati city in Assam. The Kalika Purana states that Sati used to relax at the Kamakhya Devi Temple in secret to satisfy her amour with Shiva. The temple is also believed to be the spot where Sati’s yoni fell after lord Shiva danced with her corpse. There is a hollow in the temple which gets filled up with water from an underground perennial spring. It is this vulva-shaped depression that is worshiped as the goddess Kamakhya with celebrations of Ambubachi Mela which is a Tantric fertility festival.

Devji Maharaj Mandir, Madhya Pradesh

This temple and it’s traditions are considered as one of the unsolvable mysteries of India. On the day of full moon, the Devji Maharaj Mandir in Madhya Pradesh is visited by devotees to get rid of evil spirits, ghosts, and demons that they believe has entered their bodies by lighting camphor tablets which is shockingly done on bare palms or using broom to scare away the evil spirits. There is an annual “bhoot mela” or ghost fair that is held in the temple grounds, to erase out the evil spirits.

Venkateshwara Temple, Andhra Pradesh

Mysterious Temples
Venkateshwara Temple one of the mysterious temples in A.P is known for it’s mysterious sacrifice by devotees. Wikimedia.

While in most temples devotees offer prayers in the form of donations, however, Venkateshwara Temple in Andhra Pradesh is famous for being one of the mysterious temples of India where Lord Vishnu accepts human hair as a symbol of sacrifice. It has two huge walls lined up with barbers who shave the hair off the devotees. These hairs of 12,000 pilgrims collected every day are sold to Italian wig manufacturers that provide an earning of more than 6.5 million USD.

Stambheshwar Mahadev, Gujarat

Mysterious Temples
Stambheshwar Mahadev Temple is one of the mysterious temples in Gujarat, India. Wikimedia.

This mysterious temple in Vadodara, Gujarat appears and disappears throughout the day. The Stambheshwar Mahadev temple being located near the shores of the Arabian Sea gets drowned in the sea during high tide and reappears with the descending water. People dare to enter into this Shiva temple for it can be visited only during specific hours of low tides.

-Prepared by Bhavana Rathi of NewsGram. Twitter @tweet_bhavana



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