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5 toothsome food products that batted the ban

By Sreyashi Mazumdar

The two minutes noodle was about to run into an apocalyptic end when Bombay high court’s decision entered into the scene as a lifeguard and breathed life into the country’s most coveted noodle brand. After a stretch of two months, Maggi will be back to the pavilion gaming for sixes and fours in the Indian food industry. The banishment of the scrumptious noodle was owing to the presence of MSG and Lead beyond permissible limits. However, its recuperation from a vegetative state has given way to revelry owing to its popularity among the noodle lovers.


Dil Maange More + Thanda matlab Coca-Cola coke-or-pepsi

The aforementioned lyrical monologue immediately paints a picture of a 600ml bottle of Pepsi and coke respectively. Both the brands got into the soup owing to an alleged anomaly in their content. According to a  CSE report, the aerated drinks were found to contain unacceptable amounts of pesticide that exceeded the proposed Indian safety standards. Despite going through a tumultuous phase for a considerable period of  time, both the brands ended up reconciling their market  standards.

Cadbury Dairy milk

From a toddler to an old fogey, each and everyone- once in a while- must have craved for an extra bite of that Cadbury_Dairy_Milkdelectable cadbury bar which leaves one gawking at its purple wrapper. The brand got lambasted few years ago owing to the  presence of worms in the chocolate bar. However, the company jumped to its rescue with loaded PR campaigns. Two weeks after the brand got criticised owing to the anomaly, advertisements started thronging television screens with Bollywood’s Big B reiterating how Cadbury dairy milk is the most trusted brand, flaunting the golden metallic foil that would shied the coveted piece of chocolate from worms.

Kentucky fried chicken (KFC)

KFC-ChickenWhile licking our fingers after a steamy platter of fried chicken the only tune that comes to one’s mind is the famous KFC  jingle- It’s finger licking good. In the year 2012, the international brand got into controversies, as worms were detected in the chicken nuggets in one of the outlets in Kerela. The company braced itself up and immediately trailed on the alleged discrepancy. Though there was a temporary upheaval  over the issue, KFC lovers didn’t stop nibbling on the same.

                                                                                                                              Despite the permeating contentions over the aforementioned sought after brands, people, at the end of the day, prefer a platter of toothsome food, debunking the tenets of precautionary measures. Be it Maggie or KFC, at the end of the day taste buds triumph over functional glitches.



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