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5 Unknown and Amusing Facts About Wine

  • Wine is a very old & complex drink with a long and fascinating history.
  • Facts About Wine: wine was discovered about 6,000 years ago in the Middle East.
  • Not all wines help to improve our health.
  • Wine does not make us fat is another fact about wine.
  • Let’s talk about some unknown & amazing facts about wine & its benefits.


Drinking wine promotes longevity and also reduces the risk of heart attacks and strokes. According to a research at the Columbia University, non-drinkers have a surprisingly rapid brain decline than moderate drinkers.

The study of wine has been going on for years and it takes a lot of experience for someone to fully understand all there is about it. For a layman, understanding its benefits and cons seem to be outright boring but if you ever find yourself in a party and want to make a lasting impression, here are five facts that might or might not lighten up the mood.

Facts About Wine & Benefits of  Wine:

  1. Wine was actually preserved by monks

We should be thanking the monks for their research as they preserved and innovated the art of winemaking during the middle ages. One of the most famous wines, “Champagnes Dom Perignon” was named after a monk named Dom Pierre Perignon who was an advocate of organic winemaking and experimented to improve the process.

The best thing to eat with wine is cheese. Pixabay


  1. Drinking wine can improve your sex drive

Often alcohol beverages are associated with lethargy but according to a study, women who drink 2 glasses of wine daily actually have a better sex drive than other women.


  1. Wine names are based on their geographical location or grape varieties

Many famous European wines are named after their geographical location; one example is the Bordeaux wine. Non-European wines usually have a name of the grape (aka the varietal) on the label – for instance, Cabernet Sauvignon from California.

You’ll never gain fat if you drink wine! Pixabay


  1. Wine doesn’t make you fat

It’s a common belief that drinking particularly beer makes you fat i.e. the beer belly but wine has no such quality. In actuality, women who regularly drink moderate amounts of alcohol weighed almost 10 pounds less than women who did not drink at all.

  1. Wine tours are second to Disneyland!

Wine tours are second to Disneyland in California with almost 14 million people visiting the Californian wineries every year. So take your pick; Wineland or Disneyland?

Prepared by Tanya Kathuria of Newsgram; Twitter: @TanyaKathuria97



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