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6 Big Advantages Of A Comprehensive Two Wheeler Insurance

Choose an appropriate plan, you can add several benefits and extra protection to your basic two-wheeler insurance plan

By Yashvi Jai

Accidents can happen anytime and anywhere, but traveling via two-wheeler can be perceived as quite unsafe and risky. Nonetheless, you cannot ignore the convenience two-wheelers provide. While keeping up with the safety equipment like a helmet and protecting pads, you shouldn’t miss out on signing up for comprehensive two-wheeler insurance online.

What is Comprehensive Two Wheeler Insurance?

Comprehensive two-wheeler insurance is comparatively more beneficial than basic two-wheeler insurance. It provides coverage to you, your vehicle, and the third party’s vehicle to ensure a safe and worry-free ride if anything unfortunate happens. According to the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988, it is mandatory to buy a liability insurance cover. Find below a few advantages of a comprehensive insurance cover:

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  1. Protection Against Natural Disasters

Two-wheeler insurance provides coverage to your vehicle if it sustains any damage due to natural disasters like earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, etc. The coverage might vary from plan to plan provided by different insurance providers.

  1. Cashless Claims

All insurance providers have a different list of network garages. If you get your damaged vehicle fixed by one of their network garages, you can easily and quickly avail the benefit of a cashless claim. You just have to inform your insurance provider about the same and submit the necessary documents.

After cross-checking all the details, your insurance provider will directly pay the compensation amount to the garage. This saves a fair amount of time and effort. In case that particular garage is not on their list, you can still apply for the claim, and thereafter, the insurance provider will transfer the claim amount to you and you can get your vehicle fixed.

two wheeler insurance
All insurance providers have a different list of network garages. Pixabay

  1. Insurance Cover for Death or Disability of the Rider

This is usually a part of comprehensive two wheeler insurance. If the rider gets severely injured during the accident, he/she can easily avail the compensation amount from the insurance provider. In case of disability or demise of the rider, his/her family or the rider are eligible for compensation. Due to the ever-rising number of accidents, it is beneficial to stay secured.

  1. Two Wheeler Insurance Third Party Cover

Usually, in an accident, a third party is involved who might get injured and will also have to bear losses. You will be legally liable to compensate the third party for the same. You can easily pass through such challenging situations with the help of comprehensive insurance coverage. The advantages might vary amongst different insurance providers. Nonetheless, it usually covers damage to a third party’s vehicle, personal injury caused to a third party, etc.

  1. Protection of Your Vehicle (theft, loss, repairs)

Comprehensive two-wheeler insurance provides coverage to your vehicle in cases apart from a road accident as well. In case your vehicle is stolen or sustains repairable damages, you can avail of the compensation amount from your insurance provider.

two wheeler insurance
Two-wheeler insurance provides coverage to your vehicle. Pixabay

  1. Add-on Benefits and Extra Protection

When you choose an appropriate plan, you can add several benefits and extra protection to your basic two-wheeler insurance plan. To name a few, they are:

  • Depreciation allowance (on the value of replaced parts)
  • Return to invoice (if the vehicle is totally damaged or stolen)

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  • Consumable expenses (gearbox, engine oil, grease, etc.)
  • Emergency Medical Expenses
  • Additional cover to the rider and third party

With the increasing number of road accidents across the country, wherein a majority of them happen due to two-wheelers, it is essential to stay insured. In such a situation, it is vital to choose reputable insurance providers like TATA AIG who can provide appropriate financial support. They guide you throughout and offer the maximum benefits possible so that you keep up with the legal liabilities and safeguard yourself, your vehicle, and the third party involved.

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