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Know about latest wedding trends of 2021. Pixabay

By Rajesh

We have to admit that 2020 changed weddings as we knew them and the way we celebrated them. The pandemic brought about these changes, and couples and vendors had to adapt and do their best to make something beautiful despite the circumstances. This inspired many ideas that we are going to see even in 2021. Couples are now making things more intentional and focusing on personalizing the ceremony. They also focus on giving their guests a magnificent experience while also considering their safety. Let’s look at some of the wedding trends we expect to see in 2021.

  1. Wedding websites will become more popular.

Wedding websites are a fast-growing trend, and in 2021 we will see more of them as most of the wedding planning happens virtually. A wedding website is important because it makes communication easier and creates a personal touch with your guests who can follow your big day’s details. It helps you to create a guest list, sends invites, allows your guests to RSVP, and allows you to set up a registry. It is so convenient to have a wedding website, and the good news is that you can find free templates online that help you personalize your website to your liking and preferences.

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  • Weekday weddings

With so many couples pushing their weddings to 2021, there will be an increase in weekday weddings as most vendors and venues have slim availability on weekends. Another reason for this increase is the cost-benefit of having your wedding on a weekday. You will find that the venue you loved but was out of your budget is a possibility on a weekday because the prices are much lower. If you are worried about whether your family and friends will come for your wedding, you shouldn’t because they will and should support you no matter what day you decide to choose.

  • Diverse florals

We are going to see voluminous floral arrangements in 2021, which will not only be beautiful but will also have sentimental value to the couple. More emphasis will be placed on the details as planners ensure a correlation between the flowers, food, and even the music played at the wedding. The goal is to harmonize all the components of the wedding and make it magical. The flowers chosen by the couple will have a romantic touch to their love story as they focus on the ‘why’ behind the florals they select.

We are also going to see more bold, bright, and colorful florals in 2021. Couples are giving the neutral tones a rest and moving towards unique color palettes, unusual florals, and contrasting textures.

Couples are giving the neutral tones a rest and moving towards unique color palettes. Pixabay

  • Micro weddings

The COVID-19 pandemic came with restrictions as most social gatherings were banned or limited to very few people. These restrictions made couples downsize their guest lists as they prioritized the health and safety of their loved ones. In 2021 we expect to see more intimate micro weddings as couples continue with this trend that allows them to have a more personal experience with the people who attend the wedding.

  1. Domestic destination wedding.

While destination weddings have been a thing for so many years, we will see a rise in another version of destination weddings that are only a car or train ride away. This will be convenient for many people since no passport will be required, and it also prioritizes guest safety, especially during the pandemic. Venues with open spaces and rooms that the guests can rent out are a great option for a domestic destination wedding.

  • The welcome box

Couples can now focus on more guest-centered details as most weddings get downsized to more intimate numbers. They can make their loved ones feel cared for by giving them welcome boxes or send-off kits. A welcome box is an alternative to a welcome bag, and it houses all the necessities in one place. These include take-home favors, the program for the day, hand sanitizer, and a mask to allow the guests to feel the warmth of being welcomed to the wedding.

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  • Coordinated guest dress codes

We will see a change in the traditional tuxedos and gowns at weddings as the dress code. A new dress code that involves casual but coordinated outfits is the new trend that couples are now leaning towards. Most weddings are small and intimate, allowing the couple to have more control over the overall aesthetic, including the guests’ outfits. This ensures that the entire wedding is color-coordinated, including the décor.


Weddings in 2021 involve a lot of intimate affairs, which is perfect for couples because they get to personalize the experience and make it into the wedding of their dreams. The essential thing is for them to stay true to who they are and not get caught up in all the current wedding trends as they plan their big day.

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