8.80 tonnes of waste paper recycled by Delhi Metro in 5 months

New Delhi: The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) claimed on Sunday that it recycled about 8.80 tonnes of waste paper over a period of five months in order to contribute its bit to preserving the environment.

“In August 2015, a decision was taken to recycle and re-use waste paper generated from the offices of the Delhi Metro,” a DMRC statement said here. A specialised agency was roped in for the purpose and waste paper baskets were installed at all offices requesting the employees to dump waste paper in those baskets, it said.

The agency then collected the waste paper, recycled it for use again and delivered it back to the Delhi Metro authorities, said the statement. With this initiative, the DMRC has been able to substantially reduce the consumption of fresh paper since a bulk of its paper requirements are now fulfilled by recycled waste paper.

The DMRC has also taken other recycling initiatives under which many other waste materials generated by it, such as horticultural waste, wooden materials, SS steel sheets etc. are being reused after recycling, the statement added.

The Delhi Metro has also been constructing all its upcoming stations as green buildings with provisions for solar power. A number of DMRC stations, depots and residential premises already have solar power facilities. (IANS)