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8 Exquisite and Quirky Food Art Ideas that will Make Your Mouth Water!

Picture of vegetables carved as animals. Flickr

November 17, 2016: Food art is the process of creating beautiful and unbelieving models with food. Chefs use these arts to gather the customer’s attention. Mother’s use this to make their children eat vegetables. Below are few of the food arts from around the globe.

  1. Chewbacca noodles
Picture of Chewbacca noodles. Flickr

Noodles is a staple food in may cultures. It is made from dough that is stretched, rolled flat and then cut into a variety of shapes. In this art, noodles are designed as Chewbacca which is a character from the Star Wars who was part of a team who restored freedom to the galaxy.

2. Hot Dog mummies

Picture of Hot dogs dressed as mummies. Flickr
Picture of Hot dogs dressed as mummies. Flickr

Here is the Halloween inspired mummy hot dog. These are easy to make and are so adorable.  A hot dog is basically a frankfurter served in a soft, long roll which has various sauces and condiments.

3. Sleeping Rice Bear

Picture of a bear made of rice. Flickr
Picture of a bear made of rice. Flickr

A plain omelet can be used for the blanket, cooked brown rice for the bear and a sausage link for the body. An omelet is a beaten egg dish cooked in a frying pan. It has savoury or sweet fillings.

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4. Hairy sausage

Picture of a hairy sausage. Flickr
Picture of a hairy sausage. Flickr

First the uncooked sausage is pinned with spaghetti and then both of them are cooked together. Sausage is usually made from ground meat including veal, pork and beef with a skin around it. It is typically made from intestines.

5. Vegetable face

Picture of a face made of vegetables. Flickr
Picture of a face made of vegetables. Flickr

This kind of art is very popular and one can see a variety of designs posted by various food lovers on the internet. It involves carving of the vegetables to form a beautiful object suvh as an animal. Some believe that the art originated in Sukothai, Thailand, about 700 years ago. 

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6. Curry Onsen

Picture of a panda relaxing in a bowl of curry. Flickr
Picture of a panda relaxing in a bowl of curry. Flickr

It is quite easy to make and one can include its own changes such as a relaxing Onigiri man in curry onsen. Curry is a famous cuisine of our country. It uses complex combinations of various spices including hot chilies. A curry onsen depicts the Japanese hot spring and the bathing facilities and inns naerby them, where a panda relaxes in a onsen of curry

Picture of a lunch box with a Totoro bento. Flickr
Picture of a lunch box with a Totoro bento. Flickr

Totoro is a giant rabbit like creature who is a spirit. Bento is a takeout or home packed meal. it is very common in Japan. A traditional bento contains, vegetables, fish, meat and rice packed in a disposable and mass produced lunch box.

8. Kitty chasing fish latte art

Picture of a kitty latte art. Flickr
Picture of a kitty latte art. Flickr

This is a latte art. It is a method of preparing coffee into a shot of espresso by pouring steamed milk. This results in the formation of a design or pattern on the surface of latte. Artists create beautiful art using the milk and drawing in the top layer of the foam.

Prepared by Diksha Arya of NewsGram. Twitter: @diksha_arya53


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