A multiplex should be available on your phone, says Vikram Bhatt

Vikram Bhatt says its time to take multiplex on phone and launched video-on-demand app

A multiplex on your phone, says Vikram Bhatt.
A multiplex on your phone, says Vikram Bhatt. IANS

Mumbai, Dec 15, 2017: Filmmaker Vikram Bhatt, who has been successful with his digital media endeavours, is now taking it a step ahead by launching his own video-on-demand app. He says it will be like a multiplex on a phone.

His production house Loneranger Productions Pvt Ltd will produce content for this mobile platform ‘VB – Theatre on the web’, which will be launched on January 27.

Bhatt said in a statement: ”The move to digital space happened when I realised that everything was moving onto digital. Music was the first thing to move online, then came books and we have seen big chain of book shops being wiped out and then even retail went online in a major way. So it was only a matter of time before cinema went online. Now when cinema and entertainment has gone online, one has started seeing apps which are subscription-based apps where you subscribe monthly and you get your dose of shows.

“However, the app we are launching is a very different concept. It is actually a multiplex on your phone. So when you download the app, you don’t have to subscribe, you get various shows and each and every show has a ticket price of its own, very much like a multiplex theatre. So you watch the show that you want and and only pay for that show, making it more accessible,”

The app will be launched with an original series “Untouchables”, which is already in production. Directed by Krishna Bhatt and starring Vikram Bhatt himself, it will premiere on the OTT platform and shall be followed by “Twisted 2”, directed by Anupam Saroj Santosh. “Twisted”, which was put together by the same team, was a hit in the web world. (IANS)