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HUH Token will release HUH Tokens through a vesting contract.

HUH Token launched and with it came a-way of potentially safeguarding HUH Token holders from a volatile market and overall HUH Token’s communal interests.

Shiba Inu saw a rise once again and it appears that HUH Tokens launch might just have skyrocketed altcoins to an all-new level of supremacy on the cryptocurrency market.

Though, you might not have come across the idea of vesting before and if you’re a HUH Token holder or a potential one you will want to know what that means for you and your tokens.

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HUH, Vesting?

You might have already heard about HUH Token’s vesting structure for their tokens but if you haven’t, you’re in the right place.

HUH Token will release HUH Tokens through a vesting contract because HUH Token believe that by doing this, they are safeguarding the HUH community and its interests… as one of HUH Token’s goals are to potentially create generational wealth for its holders and eventually those involved in MetHUH which vesting may be able to help with.

Though for now, post HUH Tokens stratospheric December 6th launch, HUH Token holders can expect to receive their tokens through the vesting structure.

Those who joined HUH Nation during its presale state will receive their HUH Tokens in an initial vesting period of six week from HUH Token’s launch, December 6th.

Then, the vesting contract is structured so that the allowance can be withdrawn across a linear curve from 5% to 1000%.

HUH Token If you’re a HUH Token holder or a potential one you will want to know what that means for you and your tokens.

As well as HUH Token’s presale holder will receive 10x more tokens.

You might wonder why vesting is optimal for HUH Token and HUH Token holders and its because the vesting structure could be an extra layer of protection for your HUH Tokens and in turn another round of bubble wrap for your future.

You can check out further information on the vesting structure through HUH Tokens White Paper.

With safety and its holders at their core, HUH Token appear to always be searching for new and other ways to potentially protect HUH Token holders… like their use of a multichain (Ethereum and Binance), an always active Bug Bounty and Smart Contracts.

A Rise for The Not-So-Underdog?

Shiba Inu has seen considerable interest this week and that might just be because HUH Token launched on December 6th.

Though, Shiba Inu’s popularity this month can’t solely be down to HUH Token, and that’s because Shiba Inu rose from the underdog position once again and triumphantly secured many new investors in the year-old dog coin.

It seems that altcoins are becoming the fast favourite this Christmas time and that might be because they’re endeavouring to make investments safer for their holders… whether that’s by gaining more investment as a whole, like Shiba Inu, or vesting token release like HUH Token, it seems that cryptocurrency and the potential safety of it is on everyone’s mind given the recent market crash.

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The Structure of Duration

The crux of almost all cryptocurrency is its duration potential and with that the likelihood that investors will see a good return… and for this reason the likes of Shiba Inu with its rise this week and HUH Tokens use of vesting could offer duration for their holders.

If duration is something you might be looking for in cryptocurrency Shiba Inu and HUH Token might just be for you.

There is beauty in the balance with HUH Tokens vesting and Shiba Inu’s rise that is set to benefit you for the long-term and not just offer you a short, unsustainable windfall.

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