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‘Ab Bus Karen’ to be Delhi’s car-free day campaign

New Delhi: The state government’s intensive campaign for traffic decongestion and reduction in air pollution would be titled ‘Ab Bus Karen‘ and its slogan will be ‘Jan Parivahan – Swasthya Jeevan‘, Delhi Transport Minister Gopal Rai said on Monday.

“To begin with, on October 22, the stretch from India Gate to Red Fort will be declared car-free zone. It will be ensured that modes of public transport are available in sufficient numbers so that there is no inconvenience to the public on that day,” the minister told reporters.

“The government also proposes a cycle rally on the same day on the car-free stretch. A preparatory meeting of all agencies concerned has been convened on Thursday,” he said.

Officials of the transport department, Delhi Transport Corporation, Delhi Integrated Multi-modal Transit System, Delhi Traffic Police, Delhi Police, Delhi Metro Rail Corporation, Delhi Pollution Control Committee, Public Works Department, Municipal Corporation of Delhi, New Delhi Municipal Council and Archeological Survey of India would participate in the meeting.

“We have also called a meeting of AAP MLAs and various organisations on October 9 to ensure their participation in the drive. This campaign will create awareness about the benefits of using public transport and will also promote car-pooling,” Rai added.

The pollution level of the stretch from Red Fort to India Gate will be checked before and after observing the car-free day to gauge the result of the campaign.




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