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The platform guides asthma patients on the correct technique of using inhalers. Pixabay

Global pharma major Lupin Limited (Lupin) on Monday announced the launch of its Digital Asthma Educator platform. The platform guides asthma patients on the correct technique of using an inhaler.

The new platform is the latest initiative under Lupin’s long-running umbrella programmed, Joint Airways Initiative (JAI), for patients suffering from respiratory ailments.

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According to estimates, India has nearly 35 million people living with asthma, including children.

While there is no cure for Asthma, it is manageable with proper treatment, vigilance, drug adherence, and regular medical checks, thus enabling patients to lead a normal life.

Studies have revealed that incorrect use of inhalers often inhibits effective treatment of chronic respiratory ailments, leading to poor clinical control and eventually poor patient health outcome. Hence, patients need to learn correct inhalation techniques for better management of respiratory ailments.

Studies have revealed that incorrect use of inhalers often inhibits the effective treatment of chronic respiratory ailments. Pixabay

Speaking on the occasion of the launch, Rajeev Sibal, President – India Region Formulations, Lupin said, “In our constant endeavour to assist patients in their journey to manage their ailment, we are proud to launch India’s first Digital Asthma Educator which would guide patients on correct inhalation technique along with various value-added services, thus assisting them to breathe better.

Studies indicate that nearly 90% of patients don’t use their inhaler correctly. This can have multiple implications such as developing uncontrolled symptoms, a higher rate of asthma attacks or even flare-ups. We believe this platform would assist healthcare professionals in significantly helping their patients understand correct inhalation technique and better manage their ailment.”

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As market leaders in respiratory therapy with a wide range of products, Lupin is continuously working towards several innovative measures for creating awareness about respiratory diseases and their management.

To create awareness of this particular initiative, Lupin will undertake a pan India integrated marketing campaign including social media and radio channels. (IANS/AD)



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