ADD: Most Common Diagnosis in Child Suicides

Nearly a third of the children aged 5 to 11 who were considered for the study had a known mental health problem.

A new study suggests that ADD is the most common diagnosis in child suicides


This article originally appeared on Medical Daily. Suicide is always a hard topic to address, and losing a child to suicide can be especially difficult for a family to comprehend. Although many individuals who choose to take their own lives often suffer from depression, a new study has found that attention deficit disorder (ADD) is actually….repubhubembed{display:none;}


  1. Children are being affected with mental problem named ADD because in today’s world we do not come back home and get our mother waiting for us with our food ready, we do not get to see our dad days after days. This is pushing the children towards loneliness and hence ADD

  2. In this world of Globalization we are moving too fast. We are in a rat race. Children are delicate matter to understand and parents are the one who can counsel them. There is no need to bring children to counsellors if parents shows empathy.


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