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Add Pop of Colour to Your Home

Manjari Upadhye, CEO and Head of Domestic Business, Welspun India and Arshi Mukri, Design Expert, Pepperfry, tell how to add a spurt of colour to every nook in your abode and up its glam-quotient:

Colour has the ability to transform a space and depict the style and personality of individuals living in a home. While bright bursts of colour have made their way into our wardrobes courtesy catwalk cues, why not introduce them to homes as well?

Manjari Upadhye, CEO and Head of Domestic Business, Welspun India and Arshi Mukri, Design Expert, Pepperfry, tell how to add a spurt of colour to every nook in your abode and up its glam-quotient:

* The Bedroom: For the elderly, one can go for pastel or powder shades that add warmth and harmony while a child’s bedroom can be adorned by bright hues that reflect their hyperactive nature.

While white is timeless, what’s even better, is adding a pop of colour to your room. Blue tones are considered cool colours, while shades of reds and yellow provide the warmth.

One can also go for the timeless combination of blue and white that simply looks classic — whether you go for bed sheets or wallpapers. Experimenting with gelato colours can go a long way too. Another important thing that takes the focal point in the bedroom is of course the bed, which makes it a crucial object of decor along with the functionality that it brings in. In fact, it is the first thing that people notice when they enter your room and making long lasting impression is a quite easy and fun task.

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Want a modern look? Add a pop of colours through quirky bright coloured cushions. If you are art lover, you have the option of selecting bed linens in prints that are inspired by traditional art forms that will take you back to your roots. Bunch of throws and shams in contemporary colours will definitely bring in cosy comfort.

* The living room: For a chic look with a vintage touch, choose muted tones like white and beige as the overall colour palette. Add period-style gilded accessories such as antique gramophones which will accentuate the room’s ambience.

Balance the richness of these hues by adding a textured regal red or matte grey wall. Add sofas in complementing hues like clay red or soft pistachio green from Casacraft by Pepperfry. Complete the look with throw pillows and cushions in an assortment of cool colours.

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* The kitchen: Instead of the classic white, opt for soothing pastel greens, pinks, yellows or blues when it comes to kitchen walls and cabinets to enhance the overall appeal. While most people merely ignore the ceiling, go for a low-gloss finish to conceal flaws and age, and keep in mind that darker colours tend to make a ceiling feel lower. To further enliven the kitchen one can pick from an array of colourful toasters, blenders and beverage makers.

* The outdoors: For your balcony or veranda, you can utilise colourful ceramic bowls and earthen broken cooking pots for a rustic appeal. Place tiny shrubberies like wheatgrass into these to incorporate an all-green alfresco element and rattan seating in understated nudes across the space. Finish the setting with dainty accents from Pepperfry’s assorted collections in shades of matte candy apple reds, amber and tiffany blues – include metal birdhouses, hanging lanterns and colourful gardening tools. (IANS)



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