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Add Value to your Daily Diet with Ayurveda!

Ayurvedic Treatment
Ayurvedic Treatment. Pixabay
  • The approach to our dietary lifestyle is extremely effective as it directly affects our body and mind
  • There are lots of things that have been passed on to us by our forefathers that we do not understand the worth of but unconsciously use in our diet

Palakkad, Kerala July 23, 2017: Ayurveda happens to be a Sanskrit word and that denotes the “science of longevity and life”. The approach to our dietary lifestyle is extremely effective as it directly affects our body and mind.

Gita Ramesh, the Jt. Managing Director of Kairali Ayurvedic Group, stated that people have been utilizing techniques of Ayurveda in cooking, either consciously or unconsciously.

She was quoted as saying to ANI that there are lots of things that have been passed on to us by our forefathers, that we do not understand the worth of but unconsciously use in our diet. These have been mentioned in books also. Hence, we can simply follow the suggestions.

According to Gita Ramesh, followings can be added to our diet for a healthy lifestyle.

  • Green chilies: In spite of the fact that green chilies are hot, it is required in our diet as it can heal one and prevent one from disease.

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  • Turmeric: One of the oldest Ayurvedic ingredient of India, turmeric, is used as an ingredient for healing and it is used as ointment also.
  • Papaya: The enzyme extracted from the seed of this fruit is used in the treatment of cancer.
  • Garlic: One should have at least one single garlic a day. It has multiple properties including keeping cholesterol in balance, skin treatments, purification of blood, and detoxification of the whole system.
  • Ginger: Ginger helps in the treatment of rheumatic disorders, inflammatory issues, and also the gastrointestinal troubles.
  • Spices: Be it any kind of seeds such as of coriander, or cumin, the spices are the foundation of Ayurveda food and medicines.

Gita Ramesh, who hails from a family of highly acclaimed Vaids or Doctors, accompanied by her husband K. V. Ramesh, protected and preserved the legacy through ‘Kairali’, a brand synonymous with 5000-year-old ‘Ayurveda’, ANI has reported.

‘Kairali – The Ayurvedic Healing Village’, very recently hosted the first Chef’s retreat based on Ayurveda.  It was named as “healing recipes- back to roots,” ANI has reported.

She was quoted as saying to ANI that the preface of “Healing Recipes-Back to Roots” was a sincere attempt at the sustainability of food. It was a conscious effort to showcase the relevance of the age-old philosophies and the culinary practices in modern times.

“The ‘healing’ recipes that we have should be propagated around the world. Now I feel we should be replicating this, internationally as well,” Gita Ramesh exclaimed with excitement; ANI reported.

– prepared by Antara Kumar of NewsGram. Twitter @ElaanaC

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Herbs that Can Protect You from Harmful Monsoon Infections

Herbs can boost your immunity and keep you healthy during monsoon

Herbal treatment for prevalent infections in monsoon. Pixabay
  • Monsoon brings along with it a lot of contagious infections
  • An effective way to deal with infections is ayurvedic treatment
  • Herbs help us fight both water and airborne infections and they also boost our immune system

New Delhi, July 24, 2017: Monsoons are always loved and welcomed by people after the heat of scorching summer. However, the monsoon brings along with it a number of infections such as cholera, malaria, asthma, dengue fever, diarrhea, typhoid, respiratory tract infections and much more.

One way to fight these infections is ayurvedic treatment, i.e., using herbs. Dr. Manoj Kutteri, wellness director at Atlantan Wellness Centre says that these herbs can help boost immunity and enable us to fight against water and air-borne diseases which are very common during the monsoon season. He has also shared a list of such herbs which can help us deal with the diseases and infections using ayurvedic treatment.

Ayurvedic treatment. Source: Pixabay

i. Turmeric is known to have a positive effect on our health and we must include it in our everyday diet. This herb will enable us to improve our immunity during monsoon. It is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. One way of consuming it is adding it in hot milk and have it every night before bed.

ii. Licorice is known to cure respiratory problems since a long time. It serves as a cure for cold, sore throats and related issues.

iii. Ginger possesses anti-inflammatory gingerols and shoals found in ginger root helps to quickly relieve a sore throat. They also help in killing rhinoviruses which give rise to respiratory infections such as cold.

iv. Pepper, a readily available herb, is usually mixed with tonics for treating cough and cold. It also gives relief from nasal congestion and sinusitis. It serves as a cough remedy as it helps to break down the mucus and phlegm depositions in the tract and its irritant property aids in expelling that loosened matter through either sneezing or coughing. This discharges the material from the body which in turn helps you heal from infections.

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v. Tulsi or basil is known to contain phyto chemicals such as Eugenol, Ursolic Acid, Bioflavonols like Ocimarin,lutein Ocimumosides and Apigenin, among others. Rosmarinic Acid serves as an effective anti microbial agent which helps to cure respiratory tract infections and to mobilize mucus. This acid also helps to relieve congestion in the chest by enlarging the airways present in the lungs. Drinking 1-2 cups of tea made of Tulsi on a daily basis is a convenient and effective way to improve your immunity system. The tea compensates for the cold entering you from outside environment and therefore helps in regulating your internal temperature.

vi. Triphala is made using 3 herbs (namely harde, Amla, beheda) and is considered a potent antioxidant. This herb enhances capability of digestion in the body which is usually affected during monsoon. Amla, the richest Vitamin C source, not only decreases the gravity of cold but also improves the immunity. Beheda is known to cure a cough, clearing congestion, keeping loose motions in control and curing diarrhea. Harde also aids in digestion and aids in the body’s pulmonary system.

vii. Garlic has numerous properties such as anti protozoal, antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal which help in providing relief from coughs and in opening up the lungs by clearing mucus. Its antibacterial and anti-viral property is due to the compound named “Allicin” present in it which is the cause of its flavor which is strong and hot. The compound known as “Ajoene” found in garlic aids in controlling of infections caused by viruses, microbes, and bacteria. It is naturally helps in preventing cancer, to be more precise colon cancer. Moreover, it is also utilized for treatment of pain and cramps in muscles.

vii. Cinnamon possesses a natural warming and anti-bacterial property which helps in the treatment of cough, cold, and sore throat, and a hot cinnamon tea cup can provide a relief from itching, throat irritation, and helps in stopping the arrival of a cold.

-prepared by Harsimran Kaur of NewsGram. Twitter Hkaur1025