Adnan Hilal who committed suicide for failing, topper after re-evaluation


New Delhi: A student of Jammu and Kashmir Government Polytechnic College in Srinagar committed suicide after being confirmed ‘failed’ in his favourite subject. Although, four months later in a revaluation, Mohammad Adnan Hilal, an electronics engineering student, not only passed but outdid his classmates.

Minimum marks required to pass in Jammu and Kashmir is 33 out of 100. Adnan Hilal was confirmed fail in Physics, a subject he had the best command over according to his family and friends. He jumped into river Jhelum and committed suicide in June 2015. His body was removed from the river four days later.

Hilal’s father directly accused the college of his son’s death as he said his son was murdered and was forced to take the extreme step due to the carelessness of certain individuals in the organisation. He also demanded the college to identify the responsible people and charge them according to the provision mentioned in service rules of the government.

The revaluation was filled by Gilkar, father of the student post his demise and adding on to their grievance, Adnan Halil was declared pass.

The Jammu and Kashmir State Board of Technical Education (JKSBOTE), admitted their mistake, although they refused to place the blame on the institute as they believes such miscalculations took place elsewhere also.

“Sometimes there is a mistake and that is why there is a provision of re-evaluation. But it is the responsibility of the evaluator. I agree this is a sad incident, we also feel very sad, but evaluation and re-evaluation are done by the experts who are part of this system,” said, Secretary of Jammu and Kashmir State Board of Technical Education (JKSBOTE), Nazir Hussain Malik in an interview with a news agency.

Education Minister of Jammu and Kashmir Naeem Aktar has guaranteed an in-depth inquiry in the matter. On the other hand, Gilkar decided to take legal actions against the establishment since he believed their recklessness claimed a top student’s life.