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Air Pollutants Can Be Stopped If They Are Frozen : Scientists

The air-quality across the NCR was very poor

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Delhi air quality continues to be 'very poor'. VOA

Freezing pollutants can prevent deadly outdoor air pollution — thought to cause more than three million premature deaths worldwide every year — from seeping indoors by 99 per cent, scientists have discovered.

The research, by a team of scientists from the Nottingham Trent University in the UK and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, involved studying the effectiveness of cryogenics for indoor air purification, by removing the gaseous pollutants and tiny particulates caused by haze.

The team found that as they circulated haze-polluted air through a cryogenic condenser, the finer particles stuck together in the condenser tube before dropping out by gravity, and emerging as clean air.

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A man wearing a respiratory protection mask walks toward an office building during the smog after a red alert was issued for heavy air pollution in Beijing’s central business district, China. VOA

Their method was able to remove 99 per cent of particulates and 98 per cent of nitrogen oxide pollutants.

“Hazardous outdoor air pollution has severely affected indoor air quality, threatening the health of billions of people,” said Professor Robert Mortimer, Dean of the School of Animal, Rural and Environmental Sciences at Nottingham.

“Outdoor air pollution in cities is a global problem. While there are some existing technologies to purify indoor air, they can be inefficient, expensive or produce harmful by-products.

“When outdoor air quality is poor, people tend to spend even more time indoors – but outdoor pollution also leads to indoor pollution and people are still impacted.”

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In this Sept. 19, 2018 photo steam and cooling towers of a lignite power plant are reflected in a pond in Peitz, eastern Germany. VOA

The experiments, reported in the journal Science of the Total Environment, showed that by simply circulating polluted air through a small freezing chamber we can remove most of the fine particles and gas pollutants.

“Our study makes it possible to add an ‘air cleaner’ option to household appliances in areas which might experience extremely poor air conditions. By controlling indoor air pollution and improving air quality in this way, this work could be greatly beneficial for public health,” added Gang Pan, Professor at the varsity.

It is hoped that the work could pave the way for simple modification of air conditioning and humidifier units so that they can also clean polluted indoor air, the team said.

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Air pollution can also damage your kidneys. wikimedia commons

Delhi and the National Capital Region (NCR) on Sunday witnessed “very poor” air quality with the minimum temperature recorded at 12.4 degrees Celsius, two notches below the season’s average.

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The air-quality across the NCR was very poor, according to System of Air Quality and Weather Forecasting And Research.

The humidity at 8.30 a.m. was 87 per cent. The maximum temperature was likely to hover around 28 degrees Celsius. (IANS)

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Why You May Need an Air Purifier for Your Home

Air purifiers can prevent deadly allergic hypersensitivity leaving you protected and comfortable

air purifiers
Air purifiers can prevent deadly allergic hypersensitivity leaving you protected and comfortable. Wikimedia Commons

There is nothing as peaceful and relaxing like a welcoming home. A home is where you can take rest after a chaotic day. You can even choose your form of entertainment, enjoy with friends and family or sleep. Nevertheless, air quality is also crucial when spending time indoors. Without air quality, you wouldn’t enjoy indoor amenities.

Sometimes, indoor air might contain dust and other unhealthy elements to the body if inhaled. This may cause allergy-related conditions like asthma, flu, and other grievous health ailments. Luckily, contemporary technological advancements have made it possible to access and use air purifiers to clean indoor air with the following benefits.

Allergy Prevention

Many people suffer from different allergies triggered either by dust or other impurities in the air.  You will find that pollen allergens cause discomfort mostly to vulnerable people. In such a case, having an air purifier will clean the air at home from impurities, thus reducing allergies. Air purifiers can prevent deadly allergic hypersensitivity leaving you protected and comfortable.

air purifier
Delhi’s air quality drastically dipped during Diwali. Wikimedia Commons

Pet dander prevention

Having a pet is enjoyable, but it also comes with a price. If you own one, keeping it clean might reduce the deadly allergic risk from your pet’s shed hair and dead skins cells. Pet dander is a common but serious problem resulting from not regularly grooming pets. If you’re allergic, pet dander causes reactions by building up in your lungs and further complicating issues. Getting an air purifier will curb every danger brought about by harmful particles as you have fun with your pets.

Ongoing construction

Apart from a construction site noise, you cannot avoid the dust that comes with it. Dust, being an irritant, causes problems like watery eyes, sinus infection, and other dust related allergies. Of course, dust particles from construction sites are a nuisance to your health and home in general.  Sand particles can cause respiratory issues by damaging the lungs or mucous membranes over time. You can even suffer from pulmonary complications and emphysema disease. With recommended air purifiers in Malaysia, you can do away with dust particles as long as you maintain them and change the filters regularly.

Autoimmune diseases

Suffering from an autoimmune disease like pulmonary fibrosis aggravated by pathogens and particles can lead to further attacks on the body’s cells. Furthermore, the sufferer will be more vulnerable to opportunistic infections like tuberculosis and pneumonia. An air purifier will filter potential disease-causing pathogens and reduce particles causing irritations to your immune system.  

air purifier
An air purifier will filter potential disease-causing pathogens and reduce particles causing irritations to your immune system. Wikimedia Commons

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An odor can arise due to various reasons, be it sweet or nauseating. Most old and neglected houses suffer from damages such as fires and flooding. A smell resulting from smoke and wood decay remains in the air within the building. In such cases, an air purifier will filter the air and clear the lousy odor; therefore, enabling you to breathe fresh air.  


There are many reasons to include air purifiers at your home. Various pieces of research show that air purifiers supplements a healthy living. With recommended air purifiers in Malaysia, you’ll always have good health through breathing in fresh and purified air.