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All India Institute of Medical Sciences Introduces Robotic Arm that Helps in Robotic Neurosurgery

December 22, 2016: The All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) introduced a robotic arm that helps in robotic neurosurgeries. It will enable the doctors to analyse and identify brain dysfunctions accurately and treat them accordingly.

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The neurosurgeons make a small hole inside the patient’s brain and the doctors said that the robotic arm, once inside the brain, the robot itself identifies the spot which requires treatment.

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According to PTI, a doctor attached to neurosurgery division at AIIMS said,”Earlier experts at AIIMS performed surgeries manually using stereotactic frame. But the robotic arm, an European technology originally, has helped identify exact spot of bother for providing better treatment. The surgeries are being conducted free of cost.”

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The doctor informed, over the past few months almost 60 robotics neurosurgeries have been conducted at the hospital.

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