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All of us Must Learn and Respect Other Indian Languages: PM Narendra Modi’s Message at Sardar Patel Exhibition

Modi also utilized the platform to shed some light on other move which could be of help to people in one part of India improve their appreciation and understanding of the people and their cultures of another part of the country

Indian Languages
PM Modi speaking at the inauguration of the exhibition on Sardar Patel. Twitter
  • PM of India, Narendra Modi called for respect and pride for all the languages of India
  • He gave a suggestion about using Indian words as substitutes, rather than using English words
  • He also pushed for taking other measures that could help build up mutual respect for the cultures and histories of different states

New Delhi, October 31, 2016: Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, urged the nation to feel proud of all the languages spoken all over our country. His message to call for respect and pride for the Indian dialects, came quite befittingly, at an inauguration ceremony. The ceremony was held on the occasion of the inauguration of an exhibition on India’s first Home Minister Vallabhbhai Patel’s role in the integration of India.

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As reported by TOI, on the event, PM Modi raised a question, “We feel proud if our children can speak another language. We proudly tell others, ‘My son knows Spanish,’ or, ‘My daughter can speak French.’ Why do we not say, ‘My son can speak Malayalam,’ with the same pride?”

Modi stated, “When we speak in our own native languages, we easily slip into English for a word or two that we either don’t know in our own language or for words that we think are more effective in English. My question is, why don’t we slip into one of the Indian languages to use such words? A lot of effort has gone into building up words for all these things in languages like Marathi, Tamil and Malayalam. Why should we not use a word from one of these languages in the middle of a line spoken in Hindi?”

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He further added that a practice of that kind is sure to help enhance the understanding and grow the respect for Indian culture and Indian languages; eventually forming up a more cohesive and stronger national identity including them all.

Modi also utilized the platform to shed some light on other move which could be of help to people in one part of India improve their acknowledgment, appreciation, and understanding of the people and their cultures of another part of the country. For example, he gave a suggestion of creating a bank of quiz questions focusing on the culture and history of each state.

As per reports from TOI, he said, once those questions are made available, it would be an easier option for students, hailing from different states, to compete with each other in the history of any state. He added that this method will help everyone learn about the context, culture, and legacy of each state.

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The overreaching theme of the points made by the Prime Minister on the event however built into the government’s slogan of “Ek Bharat, Shreshtha Bharat.”

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PM Modi Advises Scientists To Use Science to Improve Lives

PM Narendra Modi tells Scientists to use science to improve the lives of citizens

Modi advises Scientists
Prime Minister Modi tells scientists that science and technology should be used to bettering the lives of citizens. Wikimedia Commons

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday called upon scientists to take up challenges in their research for bettering the daily lives of common citizens, especially farmers, help in reaching clean drinking water, solar power to the people, and solving problems such as pollution.

Highlighting the importance of ‘science for society’, Modi said when all “scientists, all citizens, will move forward with this understanding, both the country and mankind will be benefited”.

“To know the connection between science and society, we have to give answers to some questions. Everybody knows the pollution problem due to increased use of plastic. Can our scientists take up the challenge to come up with saleable and cost effective material which can take the place of plastic?” the Prime Minister asked while inaugurating the India International Science Festival through video conferencing from Delhi.

Indian PM Narendra Modi
PM Narendra Modi highlights the importance of ‘Science for Society’. Wikimedia Commons

Modi exhorted scientists assembled from India and abroad for the mega event whether they can take up the challenge to find a better way to store energy or electricity.

“Can we get a solution so that the use of solar power can go up, can we come up with an innovation related to battery and other infrastructure to reach electric mobility to the common man?

“Have we thought of doing something in our lab which can improve the lives of crores of people? Can we find a solution to local drinking water problems and reach clean drinking water to the people?” he asked.

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Modi also urged scientists to ponder over whether they can invent something which would cut down healthcare cost, and benefit peasants by increasing their income.

“We have to think how use of science can help in easing the lives of the people,” he said. (IANS)