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Amid Ongoing Political Tension, Nickelodeon’s License gets suspended for Airing Indian Content in Pakistan

PEMRA has issued a statement that all distribution networks have been informed about the ban of the channel Nickelodeon and it will come into effect immediately

November 1, 2016: In a move that can be defined as a retributive action against India, Pakistan’s electronic media regulator has decided to put a ban on the US-based channel namely ‘Nickelodeon’ for airing cartoons that were dubbed in Hindi. After the attacks on Kashmir in which 19 Indian soldiers were killed, Indian Motion Picture Producer Association had banned the working of Pakistanis artists in Indian entertainment industries.

“It was on Monday that Pakistan Electronic Media Authority (PEMRA) announced the suspension of Nickelodeon’s license over the violations of rules laid down by it,” reported PTI. PEMRA has laid down a new directive on October 19 stating the ban of the showcase of all Indian contents by any satellite channels or those with landing rights. Nickelodeon on failing to cooperate and airing cartoons dubbed in Hindi had its license suspended.

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PEMRA has issued a statement that all distribution networks have been informed about the ban of the channel Nickelodeon and it will come into effect immediately. Moreover, PEMRA has also deemed it fit to ban all Indian FM radio stations.

India’s ban on Pakistani artists has divided opinions by Bollywood actors, where on one side Salman Khan was found saying that his Pakistani colleagues were artists and not terrorists. But on the other hand, Nana Patekar said that artists were nothing but tiny insects compared to the country and that he did not want to know what Bollywood said.

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Pakistani movies are facing a conundrum due to this newly laid out rule. Due to very few films made in Pakistan annually, its entertainment industry mainly boomed due to Bollywood. If this continues, the movie theatres have to be shut down for the most part of the year due to lack of content. Indian cinemas started coming to Pakistan only after 43 years ban, which was lifted in 1998.

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These bans on the entertainment industries are a very small part of the big picture. There is a looming threat of war in both the countries with tensions spiking. India’s announcement of the surgical strikes conducted by it in PoK (Pakistan-controlled Kashmir) and the talks of rescinding the Indus water treaty has Pakistan threatening India that it would be considered as an act of war. Both being nuclear-powered nations, the effects of a war if fought would be compounded.

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