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An era of poetry: Gulzaar turns 81


By Ridham Gambhir

Lakadi ki kaathi kaathi pe ghoda

ghode ki dum pe jo maara hathauda

dauda dauda dauda ghoda dum utha ke dauda

No matter who is listening to this melody, it is reminiscent of the childhood days and the memories associated with it. The man who penned this euphonious song is none other than Gulzar Sahab. And it is on this day that Sampooran Singh Kalra, popularly known as Gulzar celebrates his 81st birthday.


Gulzar Sahab is acclaimed for dulcet songs like Tere bina zindagi se koi, Ae zindagi gale laga le, Naina thag lenge and other canorous ditties. His career as a lyricist began with the film Bandini. The latter was soon followed by Kabuliwala, Do Dooni Chaar and many more.

His magic wand of words wasn’t restricted to songs only. After his recognition as a lyricist, Gulzar began to write scripts for films. The loquacious Bawarchi was a creation of Gulzar and so was the winsome Guddi. The versatility of this man didn’t stop here. It was under his direction and decree that Bollywood got movies like Anand, Koshish and Masoom.

Gulzar Sahab wove his magical words in his poetry, Shayari and Nazm as well.

His contribution as an artist was recognized when he was facilitated with the Padma Bhushan in 2004 and a number of National Film Awards. The song Jai ho from Slumdog Millionaire, which was his composition along with A.R. Rahman won him a Grammy Award in the category of Grammy Award for Best Song Written for a Motion Picture. And in the year 2013, Indian cinema awarded Gulzar Sahab with the most prestigious award – Dada Saheb Phalke Award.

For the man whose words are eternal and heart-felt..

Happy Birthday Gulzar Sahaab

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After 28 years, Gulzar’s unreleased Movie “Libaas” is all set to hit the Big Screen

Libaas features various veteran actors such as Naseeruddin Shah and Shabana Azmi

Gulzar's unreleased movie "Libaas" is all set to hit the theater. Wikimedia
  • Gulzar’s unreleased movie “Libaas” is all set to hit the theatre
  • The move is releasing after 28 years
  • It is released by Zee Classic’s brand proposition “Woh Zamaana Kare Deewana”

Mumbai, August 22, 2017: In a surprise for Gulzar’s fan on his 83rd birthday, his unreleased film “Libaas” is all set to hit the theatres this year.

Libaas was made in 1988. Due to some reasons, it has been not released till date. But now, its unreleased status is about to change.

On the maestro’s birthday on August 18- ‘Woh Zamaana Kare Deewana’, the brand proposition of Zee Classic, has announced the theatrical release of the movie “Libaas” by the end of this year, mentioned PTI report.

No one is unaware of Gulzar’s contribution to Hindi cinema. He is one of the prominent and prolific names in Hindi cinema. He had directed many classics such as “Prichay”, “Angoor”, “Maachis”etc., Later, he stopped directing movies and focused completely on being a lyricist. He has won the Oscar for “Jai Ho” from “Slumdog Millionaire”. He is still a very active lyricist.

A still from Libaas. Youtube

Libaas features various veteran actors such as Naseeruddin Shah and Shabana Azmi. It also features Annu Kapoor, Raj Babbar, Sushma Seth, Utpal Dutt and Savita Bajaj. The music has been composed by one of Gulzar’s most frequent collaborators, RD Burman.

“Libaas” was screened at the International Film Festival of India (IFFI) in Goa after a gap of 22 years on November 22, 2014. Earlier, it was also screened at the International Film Festival at Banglore in January 1992.

The plot of the movie is based on Gulzar’s own short story ‘Seema’ from his evergreen ‘Raavi Paar’ collection. The movie basically revolves around a theatre director Sudhir(played by Naseeruddin ShahShah) and his actor wife Seema(portrayed by Shabana Azmi). The movie revolves around the fact that wherein the world of showbiz life appears to be picture perfect, the appearances behind the scene are often deceptive.

“Libaas” was produced by Late. Vikas Mohan. His sons Amul Vikas Mohan and Anshul Vikas Mohan will make their father’s life -long dream come true by releasing “Libaas” by the end of this year.

Zee Studios will be distributing the film in India. The release date is yet to be announced.

prepared by a Shivani Chowdhary of NewsGram. Twitter @cshivani31