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Anglophonic education: Netaji Bose’s worst fears coming true

By Dr. Kallol Guha

A CD of a recorded speech of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose is now available. The CD contains one of his broadcasts from Tokyo Radio in 1943 where he analyzed the international situation, justified creation of Indian National Army, and reminded the responsibilities of his countrymen in furthering freedom struggle.

Excerpt from his lecture states: “In this war, we find two world powers engaged in battle. On one side are the groups of old monarchy, determined to preserve their colonial interests. Opposing them, are a new group of imperial forces who intend to destroy the colonial controls and replace it with a new world order. Belong to the former group are the Anglo-American Imperialist powers, masked in freedom and democracy. Should this imperial power become victorious then India will be subjected to permanent subjugation. Along with that- enslavement of several other unfortunate nations will be further consolidated.” His analysis continues.

A question may be asked: Is Netaji correct in predicting “India will be subjected to permanent subjugation?”

Anglo-American system of education

A glimpse at the socio-economic conditions of modern India, the “Natural ally of Anglo-American axis power” that enjoys “Freedom of Press” ad libitum, shows that between 400-450 million Indians live below poverty line (Rangarajan Report, 2011-12) even after 68 years of independence. Widespread unhygienic, and filthy civic life, mismanaged chaotic Anglicized state and central bureaucracy, deep rooted state sponsored nepotism and corruption- all these can be traced to a byproduct of wretched schooling.

Subhash Chandra Bose

If schooling is a means of shaping human resource and is to be accepted as the primary tool for nation building then let it be understood that schooling of present day India is characterized by an education system designed to imitate and scavenge on the left overs and trashes of Anglo-American system. Such schooling breeds brokers and agents of elements ganging up to milk India.

Consistent with these facts is a report that a trillion Dollar worth of “Kaala Dhan” has been transferred from India to countries that are its “natural allies”. All these are developments of 69 years since 1947. All the invaders starting from Alexander until Nadir Shah of Persia could not have looted as much and inflicted more damage. Is there any substance in the prediction of Netaji? Facts are open to all.   

Cultural Conditioning

Conditions of modern India would not have been much different if India remained under direct British rule. Yet these facts, no matter how brutal they are, do not seem to arouse those who are being grinded underneath.

Why? Answer is simple – It is the effect of unique technology called mass communication. It has perfected the art of manipulating public opinion and culturally conditioning the public. It makes sure that masses believe and act against their own interest. It makes sure that masses are confused about the real reason of barbaric distinction between rich and poor and why and how 5% Anglophonic (to use the language of Anna Hazare, ‘Kala Angrez’) Indians rule over remaining 95%.

It makes sure that masses continue to be confused enough to accept this wretched system as a democracy that must be preserved at all cost. Right or wrong, this art of mass communication which is a kind of marketing is largely an Anglo-American design which is not just effective in fooling common people but most definitely a stroke of genius to say the least.

Let us take a closer look at the design.

If culture of a nation means knowledge of one’s language, literature, history, tradition, past achievements, contributions and traditions, then modern Anglicized education has succeeded in breeding a large group of uncultured population who is crippled by education and who can’t express their thoughts either in the imitated language or in their mother tongue. It made perfect sense when Narayana Murthy of Infosys pointed out that India has made no new contribution in any field what so ever during the last 65 years.

Reason is obvious: Ours is not the type of education which helps intellectual development, rather it cripples and delinks the learner from its source. Marketing strategies have made people not only accept but also justify the use of such education as a product of “globalization” or “development.” In fact, the art of Anglo-American mass communication has culturally conditioned Anglophonic Ruling classes to play the role of a huge flock of sheep which is to choose their own butcher and call such a system a democracy.

Let’s also note, even though the war was essentially won by the Russians, but circumstances became favorable for the Anglo-American axis powers to take fullest advantage of the defeat of Japan and Nazi Germany to highly exaggerate the subsidiary role of the West and minimize the role of Russia. Omitted also is the fact that about 2.5 million Indian soldiers took part along with 3.3 million British soldiers in that war.

Over the last 69 years since 1947, Indian Government did nothing to acknowledge the role of Indian soldiers in the last war. Anglo-American axis powers, since the postwar era until this day, by utilizing highly innovative and sophisticated methods of marketing, have  shaped public opinion to accept this “error of omission” and made masses support all their brutality and barbarism and glorify western life and political system at the expense of everything indigenous Indian. One must admit it is marketing at its best and remarkable political achievement by the Anglo-American Axis Power.

Western education: Cultural alienation for Indians

The steady and rapid degradation of human resources of India, accomplished through western control of education system, is characterized by widespread erosion of its rich languages resulting in degeneration of its literature, history, heritage, and culture. Its educational institutions like numerous universities, IIT and AIIMS derive their prestige because their admission system is designed to select students who are inherently brilliant. These outstanding merits are subjected to teaching, research, and administration that scavenge on the leftovers of western mode of education. Schooling of India has nothing indigenous, nothing original, and nothing innovative. It is

Schooling of India has nothing indigenous, nothing original, and nothing innovative. It is pure and simple imitation of the worst kind. It reflects substandard, incapable, and underdeveloped leadership and policy making which in turn are the products of underdeveloped schooling designed to breed western slaves that are delinked from their source and heritage. Western marketing has completely succeeded in persuading Anglophonic India to dutifully accept these as high-quality education and no question asked!

Strength and efficacy of marketing tools of the West, designed to manipulate mass psychology in their favor, is one of the most formidable weapons they use to spread and maintain its world dominance. Any pro-people Government that wants to shape their human resource to take part in inclusive national growth must thoroughly study the marketing techniques of the West and design effective strategy to counter their diabolical plot. If Sultan Mahmood, Md. Ghori, Timur, or Nadir Shah had access to the same marketing technology – they could have accomplish their mission without physically appearing in India as the West is doing today.
Subhash Chandra Bose1

Russian domination on – now dissolved – Warsaw Pact countries of East Europe between 1955 until 1991 was very similar to the domination of USA over NATO today. Western media fiercely attacked that pact as brutal Soviet domination over and subjugation of east European countries. Russia, despite its direct control over the population of Warsaw Pact member countries, totally failed to culturally condition them towards a favorable relationship. But remarkably effective, sophisticated, and subtle marketing techniques of

Russia, despite its direct control over the population of Warsaw Pact member countries, totally failed to culturally condition them towards a favorable relationship. But remarkably effective, sophisticated, and subtle marketing techniques of USA and Western Europe succeeded in antagonizing the same population against the whole system of Warsaw Pact and accept Western capitalism with all its serious defects, as can be seen today.

Perhaps Netaji’s prediction of permanent subjugation of India – following victory of Anglo-American axis power in the last war – may be right. But the subjugation is not so much through military means as it is through the force of marketing.

Coming back, let us put Netaji’s observation as a question today to the educated masses of India, which actually represent the Anglophonic countrymen. The latter are only 5% of the whole and ruling the country.  “Are you in a state of permanent subjugation?”

In my opinion, they do not think so. Instead, they think it is a state of democracy, freedom, and globalization. So the question of permanency is also not relevant to them. However, I did not or could not ask the remaining 95% since I can’t speak their language. So I requested an Anglophonic Kala Angrez, who is also one of the Indian Ministers, to ask the same question to the remaining 95%. His response was: They do not even exist for the ruling class.

So Netaji might be wondering as to what is the future of India?

The writer is the President and CEO of Saint James School of Medicine headquartered in Illinois, USA.



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