‘Anti-Corruption’ subject to be part of MBA course

Bengaluru: ‘Anti-Corruption’ will soon be added as a subject in the MBA course at Canara Bank School of Management (CBSM) under the Bangalore University.

The business school has already been training students to call out any instances of corporate fraud. The school is using a toolkit developed by the UN to carry this out. Encouraging responses from the student pushed officials to bring in anti-corruption as a subject from the academic year 2016-17, informed K Janardhanam, the CBSM director, on Monday.

“Once the board of studies clears it, we will be the first university in India to have anti-corruption as a subject in our syllabus,” said the director. The Bangalore University has 63 colleges affiliated to it and over 6,000 MBA students enrolled.

“Contents can be modified any time. Once cleared by the board of studies, we will get the remaining statutory approvals for it,” said Vice-Chancellor B Thimme Gowda at a press conference, which was held to announce that an international conference would take place on November 25-26, on the theme ‘Global convergence of Management education and practices’.

Gowda found the idea of teaching anti-corruption as a subject “interesting and useful” and said he would “discuss” the university adding it as a compulsory subject in its undergraduate level.

(Inputs from ET)