Thursday November 14, 2019
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Apple To Launch Foldable Devices By 2021

In 2 years, Apple will launch it's first foldable device

Apple's foldable device
First foldable mobile phone device will be in the hands of consumers within 2 years. Pixabay

Apple is reportedly gearing up to launch a foldable device in two years, more likely to be an iPad than an iPhone, analysts at Swiss investment bank UBS have predicted.

According to the consumer survey, more than a third of Apple customers showed interest in paying as much as $600 extra for a foldable iPhone, CNET reported on Wednesday.

Rumours of a foldable iPhone have popped up on numerous occasions over the past few years. Apple has also filed for patents for a flexible display with touch sensors and portions that open and close like a book, as well as a flexible iPhone that could be folded in half and grip a person’s clothes.

Earlier in 2018, the iPhone-maker had secured a patent for a foldable phone that focussed on a flexible hinge and the use of a fabric for its housing.

apple foldable device
Apple’s foldable device likely to be launched by 2021. Pixabay

The Cupertino-based company is also expected to officially announce new iPhones, most likely at a September event.

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The company will launch three iPhone 11 models this year. The D43 (internal name) would replace the iPhone XS Max, the D42 (internal name) would replace the iPhone XS and the N104 (internal name) would replace the iPhone XR.

The new iPhone 11 models, replacing the iPhone XS series, would have a triple rear camera setup, with all three sensors placed at the back, the report said. (IANS)

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Apple Likely To Release Its New MacBook Pro Model Soon

Apple is likely to unveil its 16-inch MacBook Pro today

MacBook Pro
Apple is likely to release its 16-inch MacBook Pro on Wednesday. Pixabay

Apple is likely to release its 16-inch MacBook Pro on Wednesday and its sales could kick off as early as this week, the media has reported.

The new MacBook Pro is expected to cost “about the same” as the 15-inch model, which starts at $2,399.

Despite several revisions and tweaks, the butterfly keyboard has tarnished the reputation of Apple’s notebook line up due to stuck keys, repeated keystrokes, and other problems, The Verge reported on Tuesday.

Macbook Pro
The new MacBook Pro would cost roughly the same as the outgoing model. Pixabay

Apart from its larger display, the 16-inch MacBook Pro will debut with a “revamped” keyboard that is “designed to be more reliable” than the butterfly- styled keyboards featured on MacBooks since 2016.

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However, the insiders claim the new MacBook Pro would cost roughly the same as the outgoing model, and would be available this week. You might not have to worry about Apple using this as an opportunity for a price hike, according to a report in Engadget. (IANS)