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By Harshmeet Singh

Apple’s ‘spring forward’ revealed all the details regarding its new products, putting an end to a long spell of speculations. Here is what the most valuable company in the world has in store for you!

The Apple Watch

Touted as the ‘show stopper’ of the event, the Apple watch would hit the markets on 24th April. The watch comes with an 18 hour battery life and offers a host of faces for the customers to choose from. With all the iPhone notifications accessible on the watch itself, it can be termed as a mini version of the company’s iconic phone. The watch allows you to get a quick summary of varied information including the music playing in the background, weather, calendar and much more. The watch also allows you to answer calls.

It also comes with a tracking mechanism for heart rate, movement and much more. Significantly, the Apple Watch is designed to work with the iPhone since the apps would need to be downloaded using the Apple Watch App present in the iOS 8.2 of the iPhone. Depending upon the model, the prices for the Apple Watch vary from $350 – $10,000. Pre-orders for the watch would start from 10th April.

The fresh new MacBook launches April 10th

The 12-inch Retina screen MacBook is finally here. Measuring 13.11mm and weighing close to 2 pounds, the new MacBook comes with a full size keyboard. The Force Touch feature in the trackpad comes with multiple force sensors which would identify the pressure you put on the surface and prompt different options based on your click.

With a 10 hour movie playback backup and 9 hours web browsing life, the 12-inch MacBook comes with an enhanced battery performance than its predecessors. The two versions of MacBook would cost $1299 and $1599.

HBO Now is here

HBO launched its wireless ‘HBO Now’ service in association with Apple . All the Apple products would be able to subscribe to this service by paying $14.99 in April. As an icing on the cake, HBO has said that the service would be launched before the launch of Game of Thrones on 12th April. The Apple TV also got a price cut. It would now be available for $69 instead of the earlier price of $99.

The open source ResearchKit

The event also included the launch of ResearchKit, which would allow the users to upload their activity for various research based projects. The company also assured the users about the privacy of their data, saying that Apple won’t spy on their private data and they can decide what to share based on their own discretion.


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