Apple Uses ASMR Trend To Promote iPhones

Apple adopts YouTube's ASMR trend for iPhone promotions

youtube asmr
Apple's official YouTube handle releases 4 ASMR videos to promote iPhones. Pixabay

Ahead of the launch of its 2019 line-up of iPhones, Apple has turned to a YouTube trend — called autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) — that has gone viral online, for its promotional videos.

The first four ASMR videos posted on Apple’s official YouTube handle are labelled “Season 1”, which clearly implies that the company would bring more such content, Engadget reported on Wednesday.

On its Youtube page that has nearly nine million subscribers, Apple has posted four ASMR videos, titled ‘Whispers from ghost forest’, ‘Satisfying woodshop sounds’, ‘Crunching sounds on the trail’ and ‘A calm rain at camp’ – all shot on (upcoming) iPhones.

youtube asmr
Trends from Youtube are being used by Apple to promote iPhones. Pixabay

Developed in 2010, ASMR is a relaxing, often sedative sensation that begins on the scalp and moves down the body.

The sensation is triggered by simple satisfying sounds like rain falling, food being chewed and slow whispers. On its own, a top ASMR video can garner over 16 million views.

With these videos, Apple is trying to show that the new iPhones are coming with capabilities that would assist users to shoot these kinds of high-resolution videos.

Apple iphones
Youtube Trend ASMR is making way into advertisements and promotions. Pixabay

The videos received a warm response by Twitteraties, who shared jokes and appreciation on Apple’s marketing efforts.

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“(Apple Business Meeting) — Guy 1: We need new product ideas. People aren’t buying as many iPhones and iPads. What do you guys have? Guy 2: I mean we could make some ASMR videos. Everyone in Boardroom: *thunderous applause*,” a tweet read.

“I think Apple Marketing knows what the hell they are doing. You’re horny for some clicks is what it is,” another tweet read.

“Me: What do you mean Apple uploaded an ASMR video to its official Youtube channel? Me, 2 seconds after watching it: Oh, this is nice,” a user wrote. (IANS)


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