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Buying a home is a dream accomplished. You put in the savings of your life and a piece of your heart in buying a home. Hence, there is no doubt that your home is one of your dearest and most expensive assets. So, when it comes to your home, you should not take any chance and should strive to keep it safe and protected always against all the perils.

To protect your home against all odds, what you need is a good home Insurance policy. Home Insurance is something that has become must-have in the present day and age. It is always better to be safe than sorry, especially when it is about your home. A home insurance policy gives protection to your home and its costly possessions.

Home Insurance is something that has become must-have in the present day.

What is Home Insurance?

Home insurance is a kind of property insurance that protects your home from different kinds of perils like accidents, damages, and thefts. A home insurance policy can be bought for a specific time period, which will be called as a term contract. Once this time period is over, you can get it renewed. Forgetting the protection under a comprehensive home insurance plan, the policyholder is required to pay the insurance provider a premium. The premium amount will depend on the location of the property and the tenure of insurance.

The Benefits of buying a Home Insurance

Buying a house is a costly affair. Any damage can ramshackle your home besides causing emotional and financial pain of reconstructing the home and re-buying the possessions. Truth be told, things cannot get more aching, trying and tedious than that. A house insurance policy protects you and your home from unfortunate circumstances, thus making the home insurance crucial. Let us look at the reasons why we should buy home insurance:

  • It provides complete cover against the damage to your house or loss of house
  • The loss of the contents like A.C., T.V., microwave, washing machine, music system, refrigerator, dishwasher, jewellery, baggage, etc. is also covered under the home insurance policy
  • Any damage to the home or its content arising due to the natural or the man-made reasons will be covered.
  • It also provides additional covers like theft in the house, fire, earthquake cover, etc.
  • By providing financial aid, it empowers you to start afresh in the difficult times of social and economic distress.
  • Provides peace of mind.
  • It is simple to get subscribed to a home insurance policy.
  • After the damage, the home insurance claims are simple to get. Timely payouts will help you put your life back on track.

What does Home Insurance Cover?

Though it may depend from company to company, but most of the time the following is included in a home insurance policy:

  • Fire
  • Riot or strike
  • Natural calamities like storm, cyclone, lightning, flood, and earthquake
  • Burglary and Theft
  • The contents or the possessions of the house are also covered against burglary or theft. The articles include domestic appliances, silverware, jewellery, precious stones, and other valuable items, with a condition that it was kept safe in the locker in your home.
  • Aircraft damage
  • Missile testing operations

For other inclusions, read the fine print of your home insurance policy online.

However, a home insurance policy may not include:

  • Any cash lost from the home
  • Loss or damage to the home or its articles due to the normal wear and tear and depreciation
  • If the loss or damage has occurred due to the war or any invasion and act of a foreign country
  • If the loss or damage has occurred due to the nuclear war
  • The loss or damage or destruction occurring to the electronic gadget because of overuse or over-running or extreme pressure.

A home insurance policy does cover the natural disasters.

Are Natural Disasters Covered under the Home Insurance?

As you would have read above, a home insurance policy does cover the natural disasters. A comprehensive home insurance policy provides coverage to your home against the losses, destruction, and the damages that have happened due to the natural calamities.

As per a recent Business Standard report, the floods have affected about 34 million people in 280 districts, with thousands of deaths over the last year. We have seen enough devastation in the earthquake in Sikkim, the tsunami in South India, and Mumbai floods. Nature is unpredictable and uncontrollable, and the best you can do is to protect ourselves and your home and keep yourself ready for any impending exigency. One of the ways to prepare against these natural disasters, and to avoid suffering the financial loss, mental trauma, and the effort and time needed to rebuild the property, is by opting for a suitable home insurance policy online.

The list of natural calamities may include:

  • Earthquakes
  • Floods
  • Lightning
  • Windstorm
  • Explosion and smoke
  • Hurricane
  • Tornado
  • Inundation
  • Storms
  • Typhoons
  • Cyclone
  • Volcanic eruptions
  • Forest fire
  • Landslide
  • Rockslide

A comprehensive home insurance policy will protect your house and its contents. Most of the house insurance policies not only provide coverage against natural calamities but also bear the cost of accommodation during the emergency time of home damage. Therefore, having a home insurance policy is something you must do for the house that you call home.


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