Art exhibition on beauty of women at Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata

By Arnab MitraOH21000K_HIMADRI SHEKHAR MONDAL_ACADEMY_21AUG15_M SAMANTA (9) (1)Kolkata: A week long exhibition, celebrating the beauty of women, ended on August 24 at the Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata. Among all the pictures in the gallery, the painting by a young mathematician, Himadri Shekhar Mondal, caught the eyes of the viewers.

OH21000J_HIMADRI SHEKHAR MONDAL_ACADEMY_21AUG15_M SAMANTA (8) (1)In an interaction with NewsGram, Himadri said he actually portrays the beauty of women through his painting. Women are the most beautiful object in this world, and through my painting I want to portray the innocence and experience of the women, through two forms, nude depicting Maa Kali, in sarees depicting Maa Durga.


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