Director Manu Anand presents his personal advice on managing and handling criticism

Director Manu Anand's advice on how to handle criticism (IANS)
Director Manu Anand's advice on how to handle criticism (IANS)

Director Manu Anand, whose recently released Tamil film 'FIR' went on to emerge as a hit, has some sane advice for his followers on social media on how to handle criticism.

Taking to Twitter, Manu Anand on Thursday said, "People love to talk irrespective of what you do. Critics will critique, haters will hate, and doubters will doubt. Ultimately, most of it is just NOISE. Keep walking! It's your story, your life. Other people's opinions are irrelevant."

The director's practice of responding to suggestions, criticism, and praise from people who had watched his film on social media has won him many admirers.

In fact, the director has been patiently thanking even his critics when they have a credible point to make.

A case in point was when recently, one follower on Twitter had lamented in Tamil that 'FIR' had more English dialogues than Tamil.

"From a time when English was used sporadically in a Tamil film to now when Tamil dialogues are used sporadically in an English film. Couldn't understand half the dialogues in English. Don't know who you are making the film for? FIR is a film that claims to be a Tamil film," the viewer had said.

Responding to this tweet, Manu Anand replied, "Thank you for your concern sir. I will keep it in mind for the next film and try to have more lines in Tamil. I love Tamil – I read and speak the language but I cannot type it on my phone keyboard. So please accept my apologies that this response is also in English."

His reply surprised the viewer who responded with an English tweet. He said, "That was a cute reply which I really did not expect. Kudos to your patience and wishes for reaching the highest. My serious concern was that at many scenes I was reminded to check what the character was uttering in English and to be frank, I even added subtitles to the video." (AA/IANS)

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