Artists Exploring the Common Connection between the Urban Core of both Delhi and San Francisco

The exhibition is a group show of video installations, performances and artworks featuring artists from China, Iran, India, Singapore and Peru

Urban core and its intricasies and alienation
Exploring the intricasies of Urban culture(representative image). Wikimedia commons

New Delhi, December 12, 2016:  Modern metropolis has nuclearized every aspect of human beings. People tend to alienate themselves from others due to lack of time and intense pressure. This form has found its expression in an exhibition here by international artists.

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The exhibition is a group show of video installations, performances, and artworks featuring artists from China, Iran, India, Singapore, and Peru. It is titled as “Frozen World of the Familiar Stranger.”

In a curatorial collaboration both KADIST(an experimental art space in San Francisco), and Khoj International Artists Association, New Delhi, both have come up with this excellent presentations. It is being co-curated by Sitara Chowfla and Heidi Rabben.

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Explaining the approach of this exhibition Sitara Chowfla says, “Through works exploring isolation, confinement, collapse, of inhabiting collective urban space, Frozen World offers an almost satirical point of view on the human condition and what it means to be alive together in the present, and in the constructed future.”

The show aims to establish a different perspective of history, culture, and memory that informs about the common connection between the urban core of both Delhi and San Francisco.

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La Town (2014), a video work of Chinese artist Cao Fei showcases the picture of a world suspended somewhere between reality and dystopia, mentioned PTI.

Her work, inspired by Asian pop culture, vividly reflects the changes in lifestyle, culture, and identity in times of globalization and also poses questions about the future of humanity, isolation, and connectivity in a city.

Fei is one of the most influential figures from the generation of Chinese artists that has emerged on the global scene in the last decade.

prepared by Saptaparni Goon of NewsGram. Twitter: @saptaparni_goon