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Hinduism shows utmost tolerance to other faiths and religions and treats everyone with equality and fairness



ॐ समदृष्टिभूम्यै नमः

(Sama: Equality, benevolence, fairness, impartiality; Drishti: vision, attitude)

Samatānanda, samatādrishti, samatāvāda, samatābhāva and many more Sanskrit words have the same meaning:-equality and fairness. ‘Tattvam and ādhyātmikata (spirituality) is no one person, society, culture or one country’s property and it belongs to the entire humanity- is the teachings of Hinduism. That is our Sanātana Dharma. No other country can claim this statement. Hinduism shows utmost tolerance to other faiths and religions and treats everyone with equality and fairness.

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You don’t hear or read in history that Bhārata Bhūmi ever conquered other countries or robbed their wealth or proselytized them into our way of life. We always exhibit impartiality and benevolence when it comes to other religions. We don’t treat other faiths as infidels or terrorize them or kill them in the name of religious fanaticism. We do not teach, or train our children to be martyrs; instead, from childhood onwards we teach our children how to be tolerant and understanding towards other faiths. It’s ingrained in their blood.

We don’t claim that our religion is the only true religion, and we are the only ones that go to heaven, and people of every other religion will go to hell with eternal damnation. When others criticize us for worshipping idols, we don’t fight back or engage in a war or terrorist activities. Instead, we let it go, thinking that everybody has to pay for their actions one day or the other (karma siddhāntam).

Ashtottaram 39
Learn the greatness of every culture and try to understand. Pixabay

We try to learn the greatness of every culture and try to understand their point of view and show respect for their opinions. This was taken as our weakness and irresolution by foreigners who used violence in order to invade our land and rob our wealth. The only country on the planet which kept its dignity by not doing those barbaric atrocities is our motherland.


This happened only on the basis of understanding fairness and equality (samatam). If we did not show samatānandam, samatābhāvam and samatādṛishti, we would have never won our independence from the British with non-violence. We have also provided shelter for people of religious oppression like Jews and Christians and they live happily in our country without fear of being killed.

No matter how many atrocities and barbaric invasions we have encountered, including threats to our way of living by proselytizers, we still maintain our religious tolerance and equality and our land is ‘Samadrishti Bhūmi’.



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