‘Award wapsi’ portrays ‘beauty of democracy’, says Mehbooba Mufti

New Delhi: Hailing the ‘award wapsi’ (return of awards) as the ‘beauty of democracy”, PDP supremo Mehbooba Mufti said that Indian democracy allowed its citizens to register their protests.

Speaking at a talk show organised by a news channel in Delhi, she said, “We should be proud of Indian democracy that we can register our protest like this as well.”

She further said that India was a unique nation with unity in diversity as its core strength and some “fringe elements, who combine pseudo Hinduism with nationalism”, misled people in the country.

Speaking on whether the ‘award wapsi’ was manufactured, she said, “I don’t think so. The award winners are intelligent and can’t be swayed by anyone.”

Stating that intolerance would not be beneficial for the country, she said that the issue was hindering the progress of the nation.

On the issue of consuming beef, she said, “All this discourse is sickening. All religions have contributed to India’s growth where Hinduism has taught us to be tolerant, Islam has taught us equality and Christianity shows us compassion.”

Hinting that ISIS was not a threat in Kashmir, Mufti said, “ISIS does not represent Islam, they are killing Muslims, preaching that atrocities be committed. Islam in Kashmir is different and teaches us to live with neighbours in peace. ISIS will never be a threat to Kashmir.”

She mentioned that the fluttering of the ISIS flags in the region was a publicity stunt and the media had overhyped it.

Urging the media to play a constructive role, She urged the fourth pillar of democracy to be vigilant against the spread of any false propaganda.

(With inputs from agencies)