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Ayodhya To See Restoration Of Five Ramayana-Era Water Bodies

People will be encouraged to protect their environment and heritage as a result of this project

Five water bodies linked to the Ramayana era will be rejuvenated in the temple town of Ayodhya.

According to a statement by the Jal Shakti Ministry, an 18-month project called ‘Rejuvenation of five water bodies, Ayodhya Public Art Project and Ayodhya Community Engagement for Sustainable Development’ will soon be launched.

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Water Bodies
The project will motivate people to preserve their environment and heritage. Wikimedia Commons

Under the ‘Jal Dhara’ project, of the 108 water bodies from the Ramayana era, the development authority has identified five critical ponds that include — Lal Digghi, Fatehganj, Swami Ramji Das Ashram Talab, Sita Ram Mandi Kund, and Brahma Kund — under the ‘Namami Gange’ project to ensure environmental sustainability and raising tourism potential.

Under the ‘Ayodhya Arts Project’, a new ecosystem will be created which will integrate art into everyday life.

Vishal Singh, vice-chairman of Ayodhya Development Authority (ADA) said that “The project will motivate people to preserve their environment and heritage. Wastewater, stormwater, sewage and run-off water and effluents flowing into natural water bodies will be treated.”

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Another important project for interception and diversion of drains and sewage treatment works in Faizabad town, will be taken up by the Jal Nigam, which entails Rs 221.66 crore, including 15 years of operation and management, according to the Jal Shakti Ministry statement. (IANS/KB)



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