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The target is to develop international tourism in Ayodhya. Pixabay

Grand entry gates called ‘Ram Dwars’, flanked by gardens will come up at all the entry points in Ayodhya soon.

The gardens flanking the ‘Ram Dwars’ will be called ‘Ramayan Vatika’.

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Vice-chairman of Ayodhya Development Authority, Vishal Singh, said, “There are six entry points in Ayodhya. Grand gates or Ram Dwars will be constructed at all entry points to give a grand religious look to Ayodhya town. Gardens based on Ramayana stories will also be developed.”

The initiative is a part of a plan to transform the holy city from a small town to a new city, equipped with modern facilities that are befitting a seat of culture.

The state government also plans to connect villages in neighbouring districts. Pixabay

Principal Secretary Housing and Urban Development Deepak Kumar, who reviewed the development work in Ayodhya on Monday, told reporters that an exercise on war-footing is on to meet the target of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath’s vision document on Ayodhya on time.

Various departments are involved in executing the vision on the ground for increasing infrastructure and making Ayodhya a world-class city.

The target is to develop international tourism in Ayodhya.

Meanwhile, the stonework at the Ram temple in Ayodhya is expected to start in December after the laying of compressed concrete base for the temple’s foundation which is likely to be completed by October.

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According to Anil Mishra, trustee of Ram temple trust, “Faizabad base plinth of the temple will start as part of the second phase of construction in December for which pink stones from Mirzapur would be used.

Development work is on and this includes widening of roads, riverfront, restoration of river banks, bus stand and parking facilities.

The state government also plans to connect villages in neighbouring districts such as Basti and Gonda. (IANS/AD)


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