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‘Backwaters’: A Movie About Children Who Have Gone Missing In God’s Country

The film revolves around a group of missing children from Kerala

Film Producer Sunil Jain of SJP, Ashish Arjun Gaikar’s AGFS, and Ankit Chandiramani’s Sunshine Studios — a leading film distribution and production house — have announced a film on Kerala’s missing children. The investigative thriller delving into the mysterious world of child trafficking and missing children is titled “Backwaters” is helmed by FTII graduate Abhinav Thakur.

Based on a series of missing children from Kerala, the film, “Backwaters” looks at how even God is not aware of what has happened to the missing children in God’s Own Country — especially the missing case of Rahul Raju, a seven-year-old who went missing in May 2005 and has never been found.

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Delhi theatre actor Sartaazh Khari will essay the role of the CBI officer investigating the case while UK model Neeta Paryani will play the fact-finding journalist conducting a simultaneous investigation.

From the backwaters in Kerala, near Punnamada Lake. Wikimedia Commons

“We found Sartaazh to be apt for the role. We are exploring all the angles of how the children went missing and how a sharp CBI officer exploring the case looks at every eventuality but is unable to nail a single one. Journalists have also played an important role in this case and Neeta was pitch-perfect for the scribe who does her own research and investigation into the cases of the missing children,” says Thakur.

Sartaazh has been meeting several top CBI officers to prepare for his role and understand the working and mindset of the men in khaki who spearhead India’s premier investigative institution. Neeta in turn has also been meeting journalists who have followed the case.

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“The marshy park from where Rahul went missing remains closed for public even today. There are so many unanswered questions including the ones from the parents, who want to know where Rahul is today,” chorus Sunil Jain and Ashish Gaikar.

Co-producer S. Ramachandran adds that the film will go on floors by the end of the year at real locations in the backwaters of Alappuzha in Kerala. (IANS/KB)



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